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“I Don’t See Lewis Hamilton Getting An Eighth Title,” Former F1 Driver Rules Out Mercedes Driver Winning Another Championship!

Sir Lewis Hamilton will be 39 next year. He is the second oldest driver on the grid after Fernando Alonso. The Briton has been winless since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. But the seven-time champion might not want to change teams to win the eighth title. He has built a strong bond with Toto Wolff and the Mercedes team. Hence, he might wait as long as the Brackley team comes up with a fast car.

Anyway, Hamilton will have two more years with Mercedes as per the new contract extension. However, some experts believe he is losing precious time with Mercedes. Johnny Herbert, former F1 driver, also fears that Hamilton should have signed with Ferrari when there was time. But why? Keep reading to find out.


F1 Pundit Fears Lewis Hamilton May Never Win The Eighth Title

Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Essentially Sports

Recently, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz broke Max Verstappen’s winning streak by securing the chequered flag at the Singapore GP. This could’ve been Lewis Hamilton if he had joined the Prancing Horse. But sticking with Mercedes means, “Forget about the eighth title.” Johnny Herbert told the Mirror that he wished to see Hamilton in Ferrari before he retires. The former F1 driver believes Hamilton is the perfect choice and character for a Ferrari seat. However, he guesses that the Briton perhaps feels good about his future with Mercedes. If Hamilton feels happy, then it is the right call for him.

Herbert says that in the last two years, Mercedes failed to live up to expectations. Hence, he does not see Hamilton winning the record-breaking eighth Driver’s World Championship. Moreover, Johnny Herbert says that the Mercedes car is not a racewinner. They have improved, but they are only as good as the gap between them and Red Bull. Mercedes is not ahead of the game at present. Hence, Lewis Hamilton might have to bid farewell without the coveted eighth world championship. Some experts feel the 2026 regulations can be beneficial for both Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

Two Tough Years For Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: GPblog

Mercedes has been going through a very rough phase since 2022 with their car. Initially, they thought the zero-side pod concept was the way to go. They continued with the same concept even in the current season. But very soon, they realized that the zero-side pod concept was just taking them in the wrong direction. Hence, the German team is planning to throw the current W14 car into the bin as soon as the season ends. Moreover, the W14 car, which derived from the same concept as its predecessor, the W13, has only made Toto Wolff’s team struggle throughout the seasons.

Last year, Mercedes managed to win only in Sao Paolo, Brazil. But Lewis Hamilton came second. Moreover, George Russell, in his debut season for Mercedes, won his maiden Grand Prix. But that was it for the Silver Arrows. They have not won a single race this season. But it is making things difficult for Lewis Hamilton. He does not have many years to go in his F1 racing career. But he is looking for his eighth title indeed. However, Mercedes does not look like they are in a position to provide Hamilton with a championship-winning car.