Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Red Bull star Max Verstappen finally broke Lewis Hamilton’s winning streak in 2021. Since then, the F1 world has seen only one champion ruling the grid. The Dutchman has won 37 races up till now, including the 2021 season. That’s how dominating the Red Bull star has been in the last two and a half years. However, Max cannot care less about what others might think about his domination.

Recently, Max Verstappen told the media that he does not think about what is good for the sport. All he cares about knowing is that they are far ahead of the rest on the grid. He does not think Red Bull’s winning streak was necessarily bad for the sport. Max Verstappen is proud of the fact that he and his team were better than everyone else. Some fans might even blame Red Bull and Max Verstappen for making the sport look boring.


Max Verstappen Says Fans Who Don’t Appreciate Red Bull’s Domination Are Fake

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

If it is a good sign that three teams were fighting for the top place on the podium in Marina Bay, Max says he has zero interest regarding that. Moreover, the Dutchman knows that those teams performed better than Red Bull last Sunday. Hence, they deserved to beat the Austrian team. Max Verstappen explained why he was super cool about the loss in the Singaporean Grand Prix. He believes his team did not perform and, hence, did not deserve to win. Other teams performed, and of course, they deserved to win. But Max says it should not be like they should win because Red Bull’s winning streak is boring.

Max Verstappen mentioned people who can’t appreciate his domination like they did Lewis Hamilton’s are not true fans. The Red Bull driver ackowledged that he has no emotion whatsoever about losing a race. After all, he won ten in a row before that. Moreover, Max Verstappen is eager to win the Japanese Grand Prix next weekend. It is because if Red Bull wins the constructor title in Japan, it would be very special for their engine partner, Honda. Anyway, Red Bull and Max are far ahead of the rest and will clearly win the two titles in 2023. 

Red Bull Can Win The Constructor Title In Japan

Christian Horner Red Bull Honda
Christian Horner Red Bull Honda Source: PlanetF1

Last week, Max Verstappen was on his way to becoming the first driver to win twenty races in a season. But Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz shattered that dream into pieces in the Singaporean Grand Prix. The Red Bull star ended in fifth place on the final race day in Singapore. However, Max Verstappen does not look upset after Carlos Sainz broke his winning streak.

Instead, he is looking forward to the next weekend when the teams will race in Japan. Moreover, the Dutchman has a great record in Japan as last year he won being 27 seconds faster than the rest. On top of that, if Red Bull wins again in Japan next weekend, then they might confirm their constructor title win this season. Prior to their loss in Singapore, Red Bull had won all 14 races in 2023.