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“I Actually Heard….” LeBron James Breaks Silence On Trade Rumors With Warriors

The Golden State Warriors and LeBron James have had a long-time rivalry. It started when the Dubs dynasty took center stage in the NBA. From 2015 to 2018, the all-time leading scorer faced off Steph Curry and the Dubs in four consecutive NBA Finals. Back then, the 20-time All-Star used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was his second stint with his hometown franchise. Moreover, after winning a couple of championships with the Miami Heat, he moved back to the Cavaliers. Then, he led his hometown franchise to the NBA Finals four times in a row. However, the Cavaliers managed to win only once against the Warriors in those four finals.

But LeBron James was able to lead the Cavaliers to end the “Cleveland Curse” over 50 years. In 2016, Cleveland became champions after a really long time. That’s how the rivalry between LBJ and the GSW started. Later, when the all-time leading scorer moved to the Los Angeles Lakers, the rivalry got more intense. Then, last season, in the Western Conference semis, LeBron James led the Lakers to win against the Warriors. That was heartbreaking for the Dub Nation. However, recently, there has been a rumor that the Warriors showed interest in signing LBJ. But James said these talks didn’t go very far.


What LeBron James Feels About Joining Steph In The Warriors Squad?

LeBron James Jeanie Buss Lakers
LeBron James Jeanie Buss Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Prior to making his 20th appearance in the NBA All-Star game, LBJ talked about the Warriors rumor on TNT. The all-time leading scorer told TNT that he heard the rumor when everyone else heard about it. Moreover, the Lakers star mentioned that there are certain conversations that happen behind closed doors, and nobody ever knows about it. Anyway, the conversation on Warriors showing interest in him never got to LBJ, says the man himself. Most importantly, LeBron James said these rumors didn’t go far at all.

However, reportedly, Joe Lacob, the Dubs owner, reached out to Jeanie Buss with backing from Draymond Green, a Klutch client, earlier this month. Lacob wanted to know if LBJ was available. However, the Lakers owner told ESPN that she prefers to keep LeBron James on her team. Moreover, LBJ’s agent, Rich Paul, said the all-time leading scorer does not have any interest in leaving Los Angeles at present. Before his interview with TNT, LeBron James expressed his contentment to stay part of the Lakers organization in Indianapolis during his extended media availability. But LeBron James didn’t specify how long he wishes to stay part of the Lakers. 

LBJ Is Happy With Lakers At The Moment

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: GQ

LeBron James said in Indianapolis that he is and has been very happy as a Laker for the last six years. He hopes to keep it that way. But LBJ mentioned he didn’t have the answer for how long and in which uniform will he retire. However, he did mention that he hopes it is the Lakers. Adding to that, he praised the organization that had so many great players over the years.

Lastly, LeBron James said, “We’ll see.” For 2024-25, the 20-time All-Star has a $51.4 million option. Not a long time before the trade deadline, James mentioned he is not sure if he’ll return to the Lakers or might even try unrestricted free agency. Currently, the Lakers are the ninth seed in the Western Conference. They lead the Warriors by 1.5 games. 

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