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Marcus Stroman Yankees Source: CBS Sports

The New York Yankees are coming off a terrible 2023 season. They could not make the postseason last year. It was for the first time that the NY side could not reach the playoffs since 2016. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers finished the season with a horrible 82-80 record. They barely managed to maintain the streak of winning seasons. But it was clear they needed reinforcements in their outfield, and improving the offense was the biggest priority. Hence, they entered the market in free agency, looking to make significant changes. Finally, they got what they were looking for. The best hitter in baseball from the San Diego Padres was the most significant off-season buy for the Yankees.

Moreover, the NY side added a few more outfielders to their roster. However, in the process, they sacrificed several pitchers and catchers. Suddenly, the Yankees had to deal with a worsening pitching situation. Since then, they have been trying to sign Blake Snell and others. But the last starting pitcher the Bronx Bombers could add this offseason so far was Marcus Stroman. Recently, the teams have been preparing to get ready for the Spring Training. And Stroman looked really excited to be part of the Bombers.


Marcus Stroman Excited To Be A Part Of The Yankees

Marcus Stroman
Marcus Stroman Source: Yardbarker

The real challenge is still six weeks away. But on Monday, Marcus Stroman got his first taste of what it is to be a Yankee. In the new clubhouse at the Steinbrenner Field, Stroman appeared wearing full uniform and pitched three innings of live hitting practice. Ahead of the regular season, Stroman continues to build up his workload. According to Greg Joyce of The New York Post, the new starting pitcher of the Bronx, mentioned that it feels great to put on the pinstripes uniform for the first time. It also made him feel good to see “A little bit of crowd out there.”

Moreover, Marcus Stroman mentioned he needs to dial in the mechanics. Anyway, at this point, the pitcher feels really good to be wearing the pinstripes uniform. Later, in the training, Carlos Rodon joined Stroman. During the live session, both pitchers alternated “Ups.” Rodon and Stroman each threw 44 pitches. As per Greg Joyce, the Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, mentioned for this point in the spring, both pitchers looked pretty sharp. Moreover, Stroman piled up a lot of strikeouts until teammate Austin Wells took him deep. Wells hit a homer off Stroman. 

For The Long Island Native, Playing For The NY Side Is The Pinnacle Of The Sport

Cubs right-hander Marcus Stroman has put together seven quality starts in eight outings this season. File photo.Getty

Marcus Stroman will next pitch on Sunday for a game in the Grapefruit League. He is part of one of the split squads of the Yankees. Moreover, Stroman later explained how surreal it is for him to play for the New York side. He said to be part of the NYY organization is like the pinnacle of the sport. Moreover, Stroman mentioned that it must be a similar feeling for every aspiring baseball player.

The new starter of the Bronx Bombers said for any player who wants to play at the highest level, at some point they may have the desire to be a Yankee. He believes it is not necessary for the New York citizens. It is because “It’s like a worldwide phenomenon.” He doesn’t take this opportunity lightly as he’s grateful and honored to be part of the organization. Moreover, Stroman feels excited to get to work. 

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