Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: Sustain Health Magazine

Red Bull dominated this year more than they did last year. Last year, they won 17 races, with Max Verstappen winning 15 of them. Moreover, Ferrari won as many as four races, and Mercedes won just one. And the fans thought that’s the most the Austrian team can do. But this year, Christian Horner’s team proved the fans wrong again. However, one thing that Red Bull might regret about the last season is that they could not maintain a 100% win percentage. That one Grand Prix in Singapore ruined it for the Austrian team. They could have become the first team to win every race in a season. In the end, Red Bull finished with 21 wins but one.

Moreover, fans have been blaming Red Bull for ruining the sport with their domination. A sport like F1 gains more popularity with more competition. However, since last year, there has been a scarcity of competition for the title. It’s like Red Bull is enjoying a monopoly rule for the title. Apparently, only Red Bull can deliver race wins. But the Singaporean GP was great for fans looking for a nice change of pace. However, Christian Horner may have a different opinion about the Grand Prix in the Marina Bay circuit. 


What Does Red Bull Boss Think About The Singaporean GP Loss?

Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: FirstSportz

Recently, Christian Horner told the media that the loss in Singapore was humbling. The Red Bull’s boss sees the loss as a useful lesson that things can change quickly in the sport. Albeit they lost, he feels the weekend in Singapore was a standout one. Moreover, Christian Horner could not help himself but expressed his pride over the records his team was able to break this year. As per him, the RB19 car will go down in history as the greatest F1 car. At least the strike rate and the success rate speak volumes about the greatness of the car.

On Max Verstappen, the Red Bull’s boss mentioned that he expects no change in the three-time champion. Horner told the media that Max hadn’t changed in the last four or five seasons. He believes that Max Verstappen is a racer who just wants to win races and has immense faith and confidence in his natural ability. Horner knows that all Red Bull needs to do is provide Max with the right tools to carry on what he has been doing so far. Finally, the Red Bull principal said that he hopes Red Bull can learn lessons from the RB19 car and apply them to the RB20 for the next season. 

Is It Possible For Max Verstappen To Break His Record Next Year?

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

The Austrian team was on a whole new level of domination. Horner’s team must thank the geniuses of Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen. The Dutchman is truly the most dominant driver in modern times. If winning 15 races seems a lot, then Max Verstappen can win a lot more. That’s what the Red Bull’s star proved this year.

He won as many as 19 races. It is a record that will be quite impossible to break for any driver in the future. Who knows if Max can break his own record again next year? But till then, Red Bull would like to enjoy the moment as the season got over. Now, they can relax and enjoy for a while until they resume the development process for next year’s car.