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How Much Longer A “Frustrated” Stephen Curry Can Carry The Burden Of Draymond Green?

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green have been very influential in building the Dubs Dynasty. Let’s not forget about Klay Thompson. This trio -Steph, Klay, and Dray, means the world to the fans of the Golden State Warriors. After all, this tripod helped the San Francisco-based franchise win four titles in a span of eight years. Adding Kevin Durant to that mix for a few years made it even more special for the Dub Nation. During those eight years, Durant helped the Dubs win the NBA Championship twice. But then, complications arose in the locker room between KD and Draymond Green. Subsequently, Kevin Durant left the team.

Later, the GSW had to wait a while before they won the NBA title again. Finally, in 2022, the Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in their home to claim their fourth in eight years and seventh championship overall. Hence, the tripod managed to keep the Dynasty alive. However, problems keep arising because of Draymond Green and his antics on the floor. In the ongoing season, the Dubs could have been in a much better place than where they’re now. Dray’s back-to-back couple of suspensions really weakened the Warriors, as well as Stephen Curry. Moreover, Green’s intensity on the court seems to keep increasing, and making life difficult for his teammates.


The Conundrum That’s Making Stephen Curry Carry Draymond Green Burden

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Recently, the veteran forward received another ejection that came quite early in a game. In the first four minutes of the game against the Orlando Magic, Draymond Green argued with the referee and picked up a couple of technical fouls. As a result, the Warriors had to suffer the ejection of their veteran forward who is crucial for their defense. In the process, Green’s ejection undermanned and demotivated the seven-time champion. Moreover, Stephen Curry seemed to lose control of his emotions. He even went on to kick a chair. Moreover, the three-point King seemed to hide his tears behind his GSW jersey.

Clearly, Green’s antics are becoming more and more frustrating for his teammates, especially Steph, who has played alongside him for so long. Recently, Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, mentioned Stephen Curry leans towards Green no matter what. People might assume that it is high time to get rid of Green for the Warriors. However, Kawakami says it is not an emergency for the Warriors. Moreover, he added that Steph is okay with Green’s antics and still desires to share the court with Green. But even The Athletic’s editor said Steph sure gets frustrated with Dray.

Why Won’t Curry Let The Dubs Trade Green?

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green
Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green Source: NBA.com

No matter what the 2017 Defensive Player Of The Year does on the court, it is undeniable that Stephen Curry performs better when Dray is playing alongside him. Over the years, Draymond Green has been a part of several controversies in the locker room. However, Green helps Steph maintain a good shooting and scoring average. Without Dray alongside him, the three-point King sees a slight dip in his production.

According to Essentially Sports, the duo of Green and Curry sees the latter post 27.4 ppg, 5.1 apg, and 4.7 rpg. On the other hand, without the Dray Magic, Stephen Curry averages 25 ppg, 4.8 apg, and 3.5 rpg in 22 games. Clearly, when Curry plays with Green, Steph makes more three-point attempts and has an increase in overall consistency. 

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