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REPORTS: Yankees Sign Jake, Falcon’s Star Quarterback Kirk Cousins’ Cousin

The New York Yankees had a pretty good and deep bullpen last year. But the 2023 season was a forgettable one for the fans as well as the players. Who would want to remember if their team fails to make the postseason? If that was not enough, then, the NY side also finished with an awful 82-80 record. They managed to maintain the streak of winning seasons. But they failed to live up to the expectations of the fans. Clearly, a solid bullpen was not enough to take them a long way. It was the offense that really let the Yankees down in the previous year.

Hence, the front office made all the significant changes that they needed to bolster their offense. Most importantly, the Bronx Bombers signed Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, and Trent Grisham. These moves really reinforced the team’s offense. But it did not happen for free. The Yankees had to sacrifice a lot of their pitching depth to land Juan Soto and the other two outfielders. Since then, the Bombers have been looking for hurlers in the big league as well as in the minor league to add to their bullpen. Lately, they added the right-handed pitcher Jake Cousins.


Falcon’s Star Quarterback’s Cousin Is The New Addition To The Yankees Bullpen


Surprisingly enough, the Yankees have remained unbeaten after the first five games of the 2024 season. It is surprising because of what happened in 2023. Anyhow, the 27-time champions are trying to commit to the process of constant improvement. Hence, the Yankees are still seeking options to bolster their roster. But the bullpen is their even bigger concern. On Sunday, reports confirmed that the Yankees signed the RHP Jake Cousins from the Chicago White Sox. This move might have some significance in order to improve their pitching department. Jake Cousins has not yet established himself as a major-league player. For the White Sox, he started the season in the Triple-A league.

Lately, the Yankees gave him a shot to wear the Pinstripes uniform. On Monday, the team announced that they added Cousins to the active roster ahead of the series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Apparently, the left-handed pitcher Tanner Tully will open a spot in the 40-man roster for Jake Cousins. Notably, Jake is the cousin of Kirk Cousins, the star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Recently, the Pro-Bowler signed a $180 million contract over four years with the Falcons. On the other hand, Jake Cousins has a 137 ERA+ in his career. Hence, he can become a solid bullpen arm for any MLB team if injuries don’t create obstacles for the right-handed reliever.

Currently, The Pinstripes Are Enjoying A 5-Game Winning Streak

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In the offseason, the NY side did look like the most improved outfield in terms of WAR. But the kind of start they have enjoyed since the start of the 2024 regular season is quite unbelievable. The Yankees managed to win 4-0 against the 2022 World Series champions, the Houston Astros, on the road. Later, they won the first game of the series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In the process, the 27-time champions are enjoying a five-game winning streak. It is the first time since 1992 that the Yankees had such a terrific start to a season. For that, the credit goes to the new addition to the offense, Juan Soto. The best hitter in baseball has been magnificent, not just in terms of offense. Moreover, he has been a revelation in the defense as well. 

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