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How Many Homers Will Aaron Judge Claim In The 2023 MLB Season? Yankees Commentator Predicts Captain’s numbers

A New York Yankees commentator recently predicted the home run count of Aaron Judge for the upcoming MLB season.

NY Yankees, the second-largest sports franchise in the world, has a history of producing some of the game’s greatest players. And in recent years, one player who has emerged as a fan favorite and superstar is outfielder Aaron Judge. Judge burst onto the scene in 2017, his rookie season, and won the American League Rookie of the Year award. Since then, the slugger refused to stop.


Last season was pivotal for Aaron Judge as he broke the years-long home run record. Judge hit 62 home runs and became the only player in the league to have scored that many homers in a single MLB season. Further, the historic feat landed the slugger his first AL-MVP award and a gigantic extension contract. The 31-year-old signed a nine-year contract for a whopping salary of $360 million. On top of that, the slugger will don the captaincy badge this season after being appointed as the 16th captain of the club.

Yankees Commentator Predicts Aaron Judge’s Homer Count For The 2023 Season

Aaron Judge

Last season, Aaron Judge had a historic year, setting career highs in several statistical categories, including home runs (62), runs scored (133), and RBIs (131). Moreover, the slugger’s 2022 season is considered one of the best offensive seasons in the history of the MLB league. Meanwhile, as the 2023 season approaches, the question on the minds of many Yankees fans is whether Judge can repeat his MVP-caliber performance and hit as many as 62 home runs for the second consecutive year.

While a New York Yankees commentator has a number of us. Russ Salzberg, while speaking on the Yes Network program, said Aaron Judge would hit 42 home runs this season. Further, Russ added that Judge will hit the same number of RBIs and will maintain a batting average of .300. However, the commentator believes the homer number can be higher according to the slugger’s form, and 42 is the least number he could achieve. Whether or not Judge achieves the 2022 feat remains to be seen. But one thing is certain, with Aaron Judge in the lineup, the Yankees will be a team to watch.

Aaron Judge Ready To Make Major Field Changes This Season

Aaron Judge-Aaron Boone
Aaron Judge-Aaron Boone

While the batting is the least of Aaron Judge’s concerns considering his caliber. However, the captain is ready to lead from the front by making major field position changes. According to the latest rumors, the slugger is considering moving to left field, opposite to his natural position, to fit in with the other members of the roster. Apparently, Judge wants Giancarlo Stanton to play right and Harrison Bade at the center.

Hence, that will require Judge to move left. Interestingly, the slugger hasn’t played left field in his major league career. Even last season, he moved to center field in the absence of Bader, but at left, he has no experience. Hence, the move could prove to be a gamble. But the Boone-Judge duo are strongly considering the idea and could implement it if the need arises.