Luis Severino

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“Hopefully, They Trust Me More From Now,” Luis Severino Displeased With Yankees Delaying His Rehab Program

Luis Severino, the New York Yankees’ key starter, was looking out for a great year in 2023. After suffering from health issues in 2022, the pitcher turned up in full health during this season’s spring training. However, things fell apart shortly after. Just a few weeks prior to the opening day, the pitcher suffered from a low-grade lat strain. Accordingly, he was placed on a 15-day IL.

However, the Yankees kept on extending his IL stint, stating that the pitcher needed more time to fully recover. After a lenghthy delay, the team finally scheduled his rehab assignment with the Triple-A in minors. Just when Luis Severino made his final preparations for the game, the Yankees unexpectedly postponed the assignment stating the pitcher needed to hit a few more bullpen sessions before he could play in the minors. The move, most certainly, baffled the pitcher, who has now expressed his displeasure in an open forum.


Luis Severino Calls The Yankees Excess Caution On His Injury “Unnecessary”

Luis Severino talks with Aaron Boone after giving up three straight homers in the second inning. He later left the game with right shoulder tightness after throwing a warmup pitch in the top of the third. Robert Sab

New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino expressed frustration with the team’s handling of his injury recovery, which has been delayed due to what he calls “unnecessary” caution. He was scheduled to undergo a rehab assignment in the minors last week. However, the Yankees flipped last minute and ordered Severino to hit the bullpen and live BP sessions. The move baffled the pitcher, who said it was unnecessary to delay his assignment as he was feeling good. But he was bound to follow the order and did what the team asked him to.

Luis Severino looked in no mood to stop. He further took potshots at the Yankees’ management and said that they tried explaining to him the reasoning behind the whole decision, but he did not agree with it. The pitcher maintained his stand and said he ended up being the only one in the room who wanted the rehab assignment to go on as per schedule. The management did not trust his judgment at all and asked him to follow the order. Luis hopes that from now on, the team trusts him a little more and at least allows him a chance to compete. Regardless, after a lengthy delay, the pitcher will finally begin his rehab assignment this week and take a further step toward a return.

Severino Wants To Return Soon In The Yankees Lineup

Luis Severino
Luis Severino works out at Yankees spring training Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Luis Severino will finally begin his rehab assignment this week with the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. However, the pitcher does not want to extend his stay in the minor. He said there’s isn’t much he could do in the minor league to uplift his performance. He has to be in the Yankees clubhouse to make a difference. Hence Severino wishes that he could join the Yankees lineup as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said they want a healthy Luis Severino in the lineup. Hence, the pitcher has to stay mindful of the big jump in the number of pitches to avoid any unnecessary damage. Overall, the skipper looked happy with the pitcher’s commitment to the team and hoped that he would return to the rotation as soon as possible.