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Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One champion, had enjoyed a prolonged period of dominance in F1 with his team Mercedes AMG Petronas. The duo ruled the motorsport for nearly a decade until Red Bull halted their flying run. Red Bull Racing has always had eyes on the top. With years of hard work, they successfully dethroned Mercedes to become the ultimate champions of F1.

The main contributor to Red Bull’s success has been their young driver, Max Verstappen. Max won his first driver’s title in 2021 and successfully retained it in the following year. Even in 2023, he has maintained a record undefeated streak and is poised to earn his third driver’s title. After two long seasons, Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton finally acknowledged Verstappen’s utter dominance.


Lewis Hamilton Says Max Verstappen’s Time To Dominate F1 Has Arrived!

Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen (R) and Lewis Hamilton on the podium after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Sportskeeda

Throughout his illustrious career, Lewis Hamilton has consistently displayed an unwavering competitive spirit and a hunger for victory. However, Max Verstappen’s remarkable performances and undeniable talent has Hamilton recognize that the time has come for a change of guard. Verstappen, the young Dutch prodigy, has been a force to be reckoned with in recent races. His skill, determination, and unwavering confidence have propelled him to the top of the Formula 1 standings. He is challenging the established hierarchy and pushing Hamilton to his limits. Hence, in a display of sportsmanship and humility, Hamilton acknowledged Verstappen’s dominance and expressed his respect for his rival’s accomplishments.

In a recent podcast, Lewis Hamilton said that for a very long time, he had the privilege to dominate the sport of F1 along with Mercedes. He feels lucky to have had an opportunity. The Briton further went on to add that just like him, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel also had their brief era of domination. And now, its Max Verstappen’s era. His talent, accompanied by Red Bull’s strong machinery, will take the Dutch driver to great heights. However, while Hamilton has accepted his rival’s current dominance, it does not mean that he is giving up his pursuit of victory. Mercedes has made some good progress in the recent past. They will look to regain dominance once the 2026 engine regulation kicks in.

Hamilton Reaches Out To FIA To Curb Red Bull’s Dominance!

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Despite acknowledging Max Verstappen’s sheer dominance in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton is not backing down from a fight. This season, Red Bull has built a car that is 10-15 seconds quicker than its peers. This has reduced the level of competition, which in turn is making the sport boring. At a time when F1 is trying to expand its viewership, Lewis Hamilton believes such a level of dominance is killing the sport.

The Mercedes driver reached out to FIA for intervention. He said that even during his era of dominance, he had close fights with Red Bull and Ferrari. Not once in his career has he seen a team being so ahead of its competitors. While Red Bull deserves credit for the job they have done, it’s not in the right interest of the sport. Lewis Hamilton once again raised this issue and said that FIA needs to take steps to avoid such a period of supremacy.