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Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time F1 champion, has undoubtedly left an incredible mark on the sport. His partnership with Mercedes has yielded remarkable success, with numerous race wins, pole positions, and championship titles. Hamilton and Mercedes together won eight consecutive constructors titles in the previous decade. However, ever since Max Verstappen arrived at Red Bull, things have changed.

The Dutch driver, along with the drink-based team, set a new dawn in the world of Formula One as they snatched away Mercedes’ stagnant dominance. While Verstappen and Hamilton both have had their moments of glory, the comparison between the stalwarts never stops, and often, the thin line between respect and acknowledgment gets blurred.


Former F1 Champion Believes Lewis Hamilton Never Had A Dominant Run Like Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen (R) and Lewis Hamilton on the podium after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Sportskeeda

Dutch driver Max Verstappen is on a record-winning spree currently. At this pace, Red Bull racing can script history by winning all the races on the calendar. It’s safe to say that Verstappen is in his own league and is seemingly unstoppable. Meanwhile, former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve compared the Dutchman’s dominant run to that of Lewis Hamilton and disregarded the latter’s success with Mercedes. Jacques said that the Briton never had a perfect year like Verstappen. He has had his moments of ups and downs throughout his career. Hamilton’s performance always depends on race weekends and has been inconsistent. Even with a dominant car, Lewis could not produce what Max is doing now at Red Bull.

Jacques Villeneuve further praised Max Verstappen and applauded his energy and never give up attitude. The former champion believes no driver in the past has been able to attain such a high level of consistency. It’s surreal and difficult to imagine how Verstappen does that. He is unbeatable right now. Having said that, while Jacques is entitled to an opinion, disregarding one’s years-long dominant run just to elevate another’s is not ideal. Both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are top drivers of the sport and have had their moments of success. The co-existence of such highly skilled drivers and their fight on the track is what makes motorsport interesting. Ultimately, the former champion’s comments spark healthy debate and highlight the diverse perspectives within the Formula 1 community.

Lewis Hamilton Acknowledges Verstappen’s New Age Of Dominance

Lewis Hamilton
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Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen share the utmost mutual respect towards one another. In a recent interview, Mercedes ace acknowledged the Dutchman’s dominant run. He said that very few drivers, including him, have had their era of dominance. Now, in the new age of Formula One, it’s time for Max Verstappen to assert his era of complete dominance. He has what it takes to remain at the top. Verstappen is extremely skilled and passionate about the sport, which makes him a lethal competitor.

However, Lewis Hamilton has not conceded defeat. While he acknowledged Max Verstappen’s brilliance, the British driver vowed to fight back. Lewis said that currently, Mercedes does not possess a dominant car. But the engineers are working hard back at the factory, and things could change in the near future. The Silver Arrows are very much determined to reclaim their dominance.