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CHECKOUT: Toto Wolff Cryptically Reveals Crucial Details From Lewis Hamilton’s Impending Contact

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton joined the team in 2013. Since then, the fortune of the Brackley team changed forever. From 2014 to 2021, no other team came close to clinching the constructor title. Moreover, his current contract with Mercedes is on the verge of expiring, as it will end after the current season. Since the season began, there have been rumors regarding Hamilton’s contract. Many believe Lewis Hamilton might not extend his contract with Mercedes.

He might move to Ferrari. The Ferrari team did show interest in signing Lewis Hamilton. However, the seven-time champion has said several times that he won’t leave Mercedes as long as his relationship with Toto Wolff remains tight. Moreover, Mercedes’ boss has echoed what Hamilton feels. Toto Wolff mentioned several times, too, that emotionally, they have extended the contract, but they need to complete the process formally. He has been saying for a long time that it is only a matter of time before they confirm the extension of the contract.


Toto Wolff Explains Why It Is Taking Time To Confirm Hamilton’s Contract Extension

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Moreover, it is only because of minor details that it is taking so much time. Recently in an interview with, Toto Wolff noted that they must resolve some minor details in the contract. Moreover, Mercedes’ boss also urged that there is no discussion around the ambassadorial role of Lewis Hamilton in the contracts. They hope Hamilton will continue driving for many more years. Moreover, the team must clarify everything in the contract. They are not looking for Hamilton as an ambassador after his retirement just yet. The boss said several times that it is not part of the contract negotiations.

But the billionaire executive refrained from giving a date as he said, “Lawyers are talking to lawyers.” On the other hand, Toto Wolff highlighted the Mercedes and Hamilton’s story. The team principal mentioned that Lewis Hamilton is synonymous with Mercedes. According to Toto Wolff, they have been through a lot of highs and lows on both personal and professional levels. That’s what binds them together. After all the positive moments they had, Mercedes and Hamilton would not like to part ways whenever they have to. But at present, they are focusing on taking the team forward. Mercedes is struggling to hold on to second place. They have 51 points lead over Aston Martin and 56 more points than Ferrari.              

Mercedes Is Unable To Provide Lewis Hamilton With A Championship-Winning Car

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F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 44 Lewis Hamilton GBR, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, 33 Max Verstappen NED, Red Bull Racing, F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina Circuit on December 11, 2021, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Kamran Jebreili/AP/FIA Pool via HOCH ZWEI Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Poolfoto HOCH ZWEI/Pool/AP ,EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

It was the era of turbo-hybrid that completely belonged to Mercedes. Very few teams have seen such a level of success in the history of the sport. But the one constant factor for the team has been the seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton. He won six titles with Mercedes, adding to his first championship victory back in 2008 for McLaren.

But the great British driver is currently waiting for his eighth championship. He came very close to that back in 2021 but missed it narrowly. He lost that title to the new double-time champion Max Verstappen. Currently, Lewis Hamilton is 38 years old, and he is at the twilight of his career. But his team is not looking ready to provide a championship-winning car.