Dwayne Wade LeBron James
Dwayne Wade LeBron James Source: ESPN

NBA star LeBron James waited a long time to win his first NBA championship. For the first seven years of his career, LBJ played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He led his hometown franchise to a couple of conference finals during his first stint with the team. Many regarded him as the best player in the league during those seven years. But the one thing that the best player didn’t have at that point was a single NBA title. That’s why he took the tough decision to move to the Miami Heat.

Arguably, it was the most dominant period of LBJ’s career after joining the Heat. He won back-to-back titles with the Heat along with his iconic teammate Dwayne Wade. Recently, Wade got his induction into the Hall Of Fame. Even after a decade, Dwayne Wade believes in the work ethic and greatness of LeBron James. Moreover, the retirement speculations of LeBron James didn’t bother Dwayne Wade because he knows LBJ all too well.


Dwayne Wade Never Believed In LeBron James’ Retirement Speculations Since The Last Season Ended

Dwayne Wade LeBron James
Dwayne Wade LeBron James Source: ABC News

Moreover, Wade feels the retirement speculations around his former iconic Miami Heat teammate are meaningless. He is not buying it. In a three-week-old interview with Shannon Sharpe, Dwayne Wade said that the King will definitely come back for the next season. Moreover, Dwayne Wade knows LeBron James was upset after the humiliating end of the Los Angeles Lakers last season. After the Lakers lost in the Western Conference Finals, the four-time MVP mentioned he had a lot to think about his game.

He was indicating his retirement. However, it took some time, but later, LeBron James mentioned he was coming back for another season. Moreover, LBJ’s former teammate Dwayne Wade mentioned on the Club Shay Shay podcast that LeBron James is a physical specimen. However, Wade knows that a loss like that in the WCF, and that too at 38, can break any person down. Physically and mentally, it always takes a toll on a player.

Former Teammate Explains Why LeBron James Joined The Heat And What Kobe Bryant Has To Do With It

Dwayne Wade LeBron James Kobe Bryant
Dwayne Wade, LeBron James & Kobe Bryant Source: NBC Sports

Recently, Dwayne Wade also mentioned the reason behind LeBron James joining the Heat. He mentioned both of them were getting tired of seeing Kobe Bryant winning titles after titles. But as Bryant won his 5th ring in 2010, Wade decided to bring in James to form a formidable ‘Heatles’ team. Eventually, they did win a couple of championships back to back. Dwayne Wade won the championship with the Heat for the first time in 2006. That year, Shaquille O’Neal moved to the Heat from the LA Lakers. It was pretty big news regarding the internal rivalries of the Lakers – Shaq and Kobe Bryant.

After Shaq joined the Heat, the team became instantly stronger than before. O’Neal and Wade helped the Heat win their first NBA Championship in 2006. It was the fourth title for Shaquille O’Neal. However, the Miami Heat, with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, was just unbeatable. The Heat won the championship in 2012 and retained it in 2013. Not surprisingly, King James was the Finals MVP on both occasions. Hence, Wade knows the all-time scoring leader very well and the value he brings to the table.