Sergio Perez
Formula 1

Red Bull’s Montreal outing had mixed results. While Max Verstappen clinched the title, his teammate Sergio Perez had a contrasting day. The clouds were all over circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and it was a tricky day for the drivers. Consequently, the viewers witnessed a couple of crashes, as the initial showers made control difficult. 

After the contract extension, Sergio Perez had a downhill battle as he looked completely out of color. While Red Bull is still at the top, Checo’s shoddy performance might hinder their World title dream. As a result, team principal Christian Horner expressed concern while discussing the team’s performance.


Is Red Bull Re-Considering Sergio Perez’s Contract Extension After Canada Penalty?

Last weekend, the first corner of the Monaco Street Circuit saw a major collision. The bend is tricky, and every driver is eager to take over. Similarly, Sergio Perez was surging ahead when Kevin Magnussens’ Haas collided with his RB 20. The off-balance Perez collided with Nico Hulkenberg, prompting all three drivers to retire. Although there were no injuries, the RB20 was severely damaged. The body and other critical components were broken. This weekend, the Mexican driver has three grid drops for the Spanish GP after the Canada crash.

After making contact with the barriers in Turn 6, the driver continued on track for the remainder of the lap with a significantly damaged car, losing several carbon fiber parts on the way back to the pits. The team confirmed in the hearing that the driver had been advised to return the car to the pits to avoid a Safety Car situation. The stewards determined that a sporting penalty of three grid drop at Spanish GP was necessary, in addition to a financial penalty of €25,000 for the team, due to the safety implications of the incident. The penalty was imposed in line with precedents. These were the statements released by race stewards after Sergio Perez’s penalty. 

Christian Horner, observing the chaos from the pit room, has expressed his disappointment with Checo. The team principal announced that all Red Bull drivers would continue with the team, extending Checo’s contract for one more year and exercising the option for Yuki to stay another year due to his impressive performance. He clarified that this essentially forms a two-year contract. As with any contract, the agreement’s specifics are confidential between the driver and the team.

Sergio Perez Apologizes On Social Media After Disappointing Sunday Race


Sergio Perez had a terrible day in Canada. The Mexican driver failed to collect a single point for his team, which dealt a significant blow to his world title hopes. However, he has released an apology letter to Red Bull and his fans. 

Further, Checo believes he just needs a ‘straightforward weekend’ to come out of this rut. He believes that pace and confidence are not causing the trouble. Ultimately, he wants to analyze his performance to improve his chances.