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Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton joined the Mercedes team in the same year (2013). That was the turning point in the history of the German F1 team. Since then, these two members of the Silver Arrows did not have to look back. From 2014 to 2021, there was no stopping the Brackley team. In the turbo-hybrid era, the Hamilton-Wolff combination was the most successful. They made the German outfit a powerhouse in the sport, along with Red Bull and Ferrari. Before the Silver Arrows burst onto the scene, Red Bull used to be the most dominant team. Anyhow, since the cost cap era began in 2022, the Austrian outfit got back on top again.

On the other hand, Mercedes had to take a sit in the back. They barely managed to win a race in the last three years. Then, early in 2024, Lewis Hamilton announced he would end his collaboration with Wolff and Mercedes this year. The seven-time champion will switch to Ferrari next year. Now, it is on Toto Wolff to find a suitable replacement for the British great. However, recently, an F1 pundit claimed that Wolff’s ego is holding him and Mercedes from signing the right guy to replace Hamilton.


Mercedes Will Sign Antonelli Because Of Wolff’s Ego: Former F1 Champion

Andrea Kimi Antonelli F2
Andrea Kimi Antonelli F2 Source: FIA Formula 2

Jacques Villeneuve said, as per, that Toto Wolff needs to keep his ego aside before deciding on the 2025 lineup for his team. Lately, there have been rumors that Carlos Sainz Jr. wanted to sign with Mercedes. But the German team said no to the Spanish. Lewis Hamilton would replace Sainz in Ferrari. Hence, the Spanish are without a contract for next year. But Mercedes is unlikely to swap Hamilton with Sainz. Instead, the Silver Arrows are planning to sign Andrea Kimi Antonelli. He is an Italian racing prodigy from F2-level. Experts call him “The next Verstappen.” Back in 2015, Mercedes was a front-runner to sign Max Verstappen, but eventually, they could not due to the lack of a junior team like Red Bull had.

Recently, the 1997 F1 World Champion mentioned that Toto Wolff “Will not have it any other way.” Moreover, Jacques Villeneuve added that Mercedes is “Not an open door. Antonelli is the future for them.” Also, the former F1 champion mentioned that the Silver Arrows have prepped the Italian driver for it because that’s Wolff’s order. Villeneuve noted, “There’s ego in there.” The idea is to tell the world that he knew Antonelli is going to be a world champion when he was 12 years old. That’s what the 1997 champion feels about Wolff’s thought process.

Toto Wolff Did Say Antonelli Is Their Future

Toto Wolff and George Russell

Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports Germany, the Mercedes boss confirmed that they want to concentrate on Andrea Kimi Antonelli. Moreover, Toto Wolff revealed what he had told Carlos Sainz Jr. He told the Spaniard that he was not under consideration because the Silver Arrows were looking to the future.

Adding to that, the Mercedes boss noted that they would concentrate on the Italian prodigy, and young drivers would be their best option. Moreover, Wolff said, “We want to commit to the young racers entering Formula 1.” That’s what he told the Ferrari driver. Sainz won’t be racing for the Prancing Horse next year. Perhaps Audi is the best option for the Spaniard.

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