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Juan Soto made a splash debut with the New York Yankees this year and has achieved nothing but success so far. He pulled off a stellar match-winning defensive play on debut and followed it up with multiple scoring games, including a home run night in the opening series against the Houston Astros.

It almost seems like a fairytale start that Juan Soto would have dreamt of pre-season. However, the Yankees fans have had mixed emotions about Soto’s shakedown due to the looming free agency. Regardless, a former Yankee legend does not think the fans have much to worry about because he thinks the generational talent is developing a soft corner for the city of New York.


Dave Winfield Confident Of Juan Soto Going Big With Yankees This Year!

Juan Soto, Yankees

25-year-old generational talent Juan Soto defied change of scenery concerns to achieve success so far with the New York Yankees. In 29 at-bats, Soto is hitting .345 with a home run and four RBIs. Not to mention, there were a couple of stellar defensive plays from right field as well. Moreover, as Soto gears up for his debut in the Bronx, the fans are ecstatic to witness the generational star in pinstripes for the first time this year. However, while Soto’s offensive prowess acted as a sort of relief to the dejected Yankee fanbase, the looming free agency concerns continue to play spoilsport. Barring a miraculous divine intervention, Soto is most likely to enter free agency next year, thus dumping the Yanks.

However, former Yankee legend Dave Winfield urged the fans to enjoy the present. He is confident that Juan Soto will achieve enormous success in the Bronx, given the set of contributors he is surrounded by. Not only that, Dave added that Soto will have a good year, and he will be smiling by the end of the season because he loves the city of New York. “I don’t want to get into free agency talk and all that kind of stuff. But I know he likes New York,” Winfield told Fox Sports. Indeed, Soto’s love for the big city is not hidden. He expressed his excitement pre-season, stating how he is looking forward to performing in front of the large Dominican community. Besides, the slugger was subject to boos all his career in the Bronx. Hence, for a change, he would love to receive applause and cheers from the passionate Yankee fanbase.

Radio Host Terms Yanks Home Opener Deceive Point In Soto’s Free Agency Decision!

Juan Soto, Yankees

The New York Yankees will finally play their first home game of the ongoing season on Friday. The anticipation surrounding Juan Soto’s debut is already building up. Amid this, WFAN radio host Keith McPherson believes the home opener will serve as the tipping point for Soto’s free agency decision.

Keith feels that once Juan Soto witnesses the energy of the Yankee stadium, he will not want to go anywhere else. “He hasn’t even smelled the Bronx air as a Yankee. Opening Day, that might seal the deal,” added McPherson. Indeed, Juan Soto is expected to be received well, and for sure, the Yanks’ home debut would go down as one of the most surreal experiences of his career.

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