Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

The New York Yankees looked like a championship contender team even before Opening Day 2024. Fans were eager to see the NY side’s new offense going full throttle. Things changed after some quality additions to the roster, especially Juan Soto. But the team really disappointed the fans after the 2023 season. It was pretty much a forgettable season. The NY side failed to make the postseason. They finished with a terrible 82-80 record. It was a disaster because it was their worst season in the last 30 years. Moreover, a lot of injury issues really weakened the Yankees’ offense last year.

Anyhow, that’s in the past, and the fans are praying to God so that they can see something special in 2024. Since Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, and Trent Grisham joined Aaron Judge in the outfield, they have been looking like contenders to win the AL East as well as the World Series. It won’t be an easy journey to accomplish all that in 2024. But after the first seven games of the season, the Bronx Bombers proved that they can beat any team on any given day. Lately, the fans are just glad to see their favorite team return to New York with a 6-1 road trip. 


A Relief For The Yankees Nation To See Their Team Get A Narrow Victory Against The D-backs

Juan Soto

Very early in the 2024 season, the Yankees had a seven-game road trip, and they really dominated on the road so far. After enjoying a clean sweep against their modern-day rivals, the Houston Astros, the NY side beat the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, it was the D-backs who broke the five-game winning streak of the Bronx Bombers. In the second game, the Arizona side blew away the Yankees 7-0. Anyhow, in the third game, the 27-time champions had their revenge. Moreover, the good news for the Yankees Nation is their captain returning to form. Early in the ongoing season, Aaron Judge scared the fans a bit as he looked to struggle.

But in the end, things seem to work just fine as the NY side won the last game of the road trip to begin their 2024 campaign. Fans hope to see the Bronx Bombers keep performing like this on the road and at home. On Wednesday, the Yankees won 6-5 at Chase Field. Later, the fans had reactions of ‘Relief,’ like “A pitcher almost walked us off.” Some even showed their happiness that the umpire got the call right. In the last few games, the Yankees complained about unfair strike calls on Aaron Judge. Moreover, there were a lot of happy comments, like, “The Yankees looked really good against a good team like the D-backs.” 

Aaron Judge Hits His First Homer Of 2024 Season

NYY Twitter

The game between the Yankees and the D-backs on Wednesday marked the first home run of the 2022 AL MVP. Fans are really elated with joy to see the Yankees captain finally getting into his groove. But that home run came really when it mattered.

The third game went to extra innings. In the 11th inning, Aaron Judge contributed with a home run and an RBI double for the team. In addition to Judge, Alex Verdugo also had his chance to shine for his new team after he slugged a two-run home run in the 10th innings against Arizona. 

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