Alex Verdugo Gaudy Chains And Ginger Beard
Alex Verdugo Gaudy Chains And Ginger Beard Source: Vanguardia

The New York Yankees have come a long way since last year. They have made a lot of significant changes in their 40-man roster. Last year, the offense really let them down. Hence, the front office made sure that they reinforced the offense in the offseason. As the 2024 season has begun, it seems like the defense is a bit of a worry for the NY side. On the other hand, it is the offense this time that is winning the games from nowhere. For instance, in the last game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Yankees won 6-5. It was a quite close game. Previously, the Arizona side had beaten the NY side 7-0. That’s how bad the defense was in the second game of the series.

Even the offense was not able to have any impact that day. But then the Bronx Bombers returned stronger in the third game. Finally, the Yankees are set to return to New York after a 6-1 road trip. It was good and quite promising for the rest of the season. Clearly, the NY side can bank on their outfielders to lead them to the World Series. One such hitter is Alex Verdugo, who stands on the left field. The former Boston Red Sox outfielder already had quite an impact on the Yankees outfield. Lately, though, he talked about one issue he had with Aaron Boone.


Yankees Manager Doesn’t Allow Alex Verdugo To Wear More Than One Chain

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Since his Red Sox days, Alex Verdugo had the habit of wearing a lot of chains during games. He even had a signature beard that he obviously had to lose because of New York’s facial hair rules. However, regarding the habit of wearing multiple chains, Aaron Boone allowed Verdugo to wear only one chain every game. According to the Associated Press, the new Yankees outfielder looks like a new man, and lately, Verdugo said, it has been a hard process because he is used to wearing three or four gaudy chains.

So far this season, the fans can see Verdugo wearing one diamond-studded necklace. Moreover, he has lost his signature ginger beard. He has one big necklace that has a huge No. 24 pendant, which he never wears during a game for fear of knocking himself in the face. Alex Verdugo mentioned that he wears that chain while getting to the field for more style. Later, he takes that off because “It’s way too big.” 

Aaron Judge Wants Verdugo’s No. 99 Pendant

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Alex Verdugo might wear the big chain sometime this season without the No. 24 pendant. This No. 24 pendant replaced the No. 99 pendant that Verdugo used to wear back in his Red Sox days. But that’s not his number anymore in pinstripes. Aaron Judge wears Number 99. Now, Verdugo said, as per The Associated Press, he does not know what to do with his old Number 99 pendant.

Later, the left fielder mentioned, “Aaron Judge wanted my No. 99 pendant.” Verdugo and Judge had a laugh about it when Alex said, “We’ll see, but first, let’s see how the year goes.” In reply, the 2022 AL MVP turned to Alex with a big smile, saying that he has got to earn it. 

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