Has LeBron James Become No. 2 Of The Los Angeles Lakers Amid Anthony Davis\’ MVP-Like Season?

LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis has proved to be reckoned with by his opponents. Davis is almost single-handedly guiding the Lakers\’ ship through the stormy seas for the majority of the season. Earlier, when LeBron James was out of the action due to injuries. So, in a time of need, Davis rose up to the occasion. With his phenomenal performance, Davis has surely put his name in the MVP debate. However, now many have started wondering whether now is the time for LeBron James to play second fiddle.

Charles Barkley On Anthony Davis-LeBron James\’ Dynamic

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to return to the playoffs with the help of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Charles Barkley, a Hall of Famer in the NBA, is staring AD directly in the eye to do it. Davis has demonstrated throughout his time with the Lakers that he has the ability to rank among the league\’s best big men. The issue is that AD has had trouble maintaining his health throughout his career.

Anthony Davis

LeBron James has frequently been the Lakers team\’s driving force. He is working hard to play in his 20th NBA season, and it is obvious that he will require assistance. However, many hope Davis will eventually take charge and prove to be a reliable force for this company. There is no dispute about AD\’s dominance when he is on the floor. Last year, AD played in just 40 games but managed to average 23.2 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks.

NBA great Charles Barkley recently stated that Anthony Davis has to be a top-five player regardless of how amazing LeBron is on an edition of the Dan Patrick Show. According to Barkley, the Lakers will fail if Davis doesn\’t dominate. He even reiterated this during his segment, claiming that the Lakers will be, at best mediocre if AD is not a top-five player.

Although some people might consider Charles Barkley\’s remarks on Anthony Davis to be hostile, they\’re not altogether off base. Davis has participated in 76 games out of 164 throughout his last two seasons with the Lakers. Regarding the 29-year-old forward, it\’s always been about health rather than talent.

In addition, discussion of the MVP exploded around Anthony Davis\’ name after his 55-point performance against the Washington Wizards on Sunday. LeBron James, a colleague on the Los Angeles Lakers, is now on the hype train.

LeBron James- Anthony Davis

The Brow\’s previous three games have seen them average 42.0 points, 13.0 rebounds, and 3.0 blocks. And based on his impressive output, he doesn\’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In the midst of Davis\’ remarkable run, James used Instagram Stories to discuss his star teammate. To further glitz up AD, he only needed to write \”MVP\”.

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