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Has Aaron Hicks Given Up On The Yankees? Fans Disappointed With Outfielder’s Disinterest

Aaron Hicks, from the start of the year or, let’s say, his career, never got much of what he wanted: meeting fans’ expectations. You may say perhaps it is the fans’ mistake who ask too much from him, or he has just given up on his dreams. Currently, the Yankees are at the lowest position in the American major leagues. Injuries are the first reason that deprived the Bombers of putting all their potential, and the second remained the wrong lineup. Apparently, Aaron Hicks is one of the players that no Yankees fans want to see right now. His lackluster performance is getting criticized by the spectators via social media.

Now, people aren’t even questioning why Hicks isn’t performing up to par. It seems like they’ve become accustomed to his consistent underperformance as an outfielder, dating back to 2020. The Yankees won Tuesday’s game defeating the Cleveland Guardians. But the one who made the win was a rookie player, Anthony Volpe, rather than this veteran. Hicks finished 0-3 and got some appreciation but more criticism. His name was called out for once by fans, but they got no enthusiastic response from Hicks, as if he lost any interest in these things anymore.

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Aaron Hicks, Yankees Outfielder (Creator: Robert Sabo | Credit: Robert Sabo for NY Post)

But why is Aaron Hicks behaving like this? Name chanting is something that encourages the players; this is what some of the players play for! Fans also expect responses from the star they are supporting. But all that Hicks did was “A weak salute.” One of the disappointed fans tweeted about the same, stating, “A Weak salute from a weak player.”

“Next Time Yankees Should Skip Him” Yankees Fans Do Not Like The Behaviors Of Aaron Hicks.

Indeed, these behaviors of Hicks are helping them to think if he really does not want to be praised anymore or if he just doesn’t want to be a Yankee. Another fan named Steve Brunn said, “He definitely does not want to be here. You [Yankees] can literally run anyone out there to replace Hicks.”


Nevertheless, when the manager Aaron Boone was selecting the rosters for the 2023 World Series, he left the trade market open for Hicks. But unfortunately, for some reason, he was meant to be kept in the rotations. However, one of the fans suggests, “Next time, I hope the Yankees skip him.”

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Yankees 2023

Was Aaron Hicks always like this? No, in 2021, he posted .194/.294/.333 slash line. He improved his performance n 2022 finishing the season at .216/.330/.313 slash line with eight home runs and 40 RBIs. But in 130 games, are these even worth appreciating?

Regarding this year’s performance, it has been considerably worse than last year’s. He has only managed to get seven hits, without a single home run, after 48 at-bats, resulting in just one RBI and a .358 OPS. Fans are understandably frustrated that despite such low performance, Hicks is still being paid $10 million, making him the ninth highest-paid member of the Yankees team. Many believe that this is simply not worth it.