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Harrison Bader Still Hopeful To Represent The Yankees Despite Being On Irrevocable Waivers

The New York Yankees are on the verge of missing the playoffs this year. The last time they missed it was back in 2016. However, the current season has been pretty awful for the 27-time World champions. Currently, the Yankees are at the bottom of the AL East table. Moreover, they have way too many injury concerns. These injuries have cost them the current season.

Moreover, the NY side is looking to make more changes to the roster. Recently, the Yankees released former AL MVP Josh Donaldson. This MVP could not even play for more than two seasons with the NY side. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers are planning to release more players. Among them, there is Harrison Bader, who the Yankees recently waived. It was a bit of a shock for the fans and the player himself to know that the management had waived him.


Harrison Bader Wants To Play For The Bronx Bombers As Long As He Can

Harrison Bader Yankees
Harrison Bader Yankees Source: Yahoo Sports

It is understandable that the Yankees are desperate to find the right group who can win matches. Bader is just 29 years old. He was in the lunchroom when the news flashed on ESPN that he got waived. After the Yankees beat the Tigers 4-2, Harrison Bader told the media that he is grateful to be part of the NY side. He is a New York kid, but never did he think that he would play in the big league someday, let alone for the Yankees. But now he sees his dream is going away from him. However, Harrison Bader is taking things in his stride.

He wants to play as many games as he can for the Yankees. Previously, Bader was part of the St. Louis Cardinals, and he did not have a great time over there. When the Yankees traded for him, he was wearing a walking boot. However, it did not take him much time to become a fan favorite after a great postseason run. That’s why Harrison Bader says he loved every minute of being part of the Yankees organization. Adding to that, the outfielder also mentioned he is no longer a pup that he was in the Cardinals organization. Lastly, Bader mentioned he’ll see what happens next.    

Yankees Are Not Giving Up Yet

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: ESPN

Not many players on the Yankees roster have managed to play at least 100 games this season. The MLB seasons are pretty hectic, with almost 162 games. But they need to win series and games to increase their chances of making the playoffs. However, they have lost back-to-back series recently, which really hurt their win record. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers have recently won back-to-back games against the Detroit Tigers in a four-game series.

They might try their best to win this series because the Detroit side has a worse win record than the NY side. But it won’t be easy if the players are not healthy or consistent. Even though the Yankees have little but no hope of making the playoffs, the manager, Aaron Boone, wants his side to keep fighting till the season gets over.