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REPORTS: Lewis Hamilton Announces He Is Biding Time Till Mercedes Gets Him The Right Car

Sir Lewis Hamilton finished sixth in the Dutch Grand Prix last weekend. At the time, he mentioned that the car had pace; in fact, his pace was on par with Max Verstappen. However, the team made a catastrophic mistake in predicting the duration of the bad weather. Both Mercedes drivers blamed the wrong weather forecast as the reason for their failure in the Dutch GP. Moreover, Max Verstappen went on to win another race, his ninth race in a row.

On the other hand, Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso gained yet another P2 finish this season. Moreover, Alpine driver Pierre Gasly was impressive, getting his first podium this year. But Red Bull’s Sergio Perez made a few mistakes, and as a result, he finished fourth. Even Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. was also able to beat Hamilton as he finished at P5. Recently, Lewis Hamilton told the media that he is biding his time trying to stay motivated until he gets the right car to win races and titles.


The Seven-Time Champion Is Biding Time In Hopes Of Getting The Right Car Again Someday

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SportsMax

The seven-time champion cited the example of the Brad Pitt movie under his production house, Dawn Apollo, as a big source of his motivation. He is waiting patiently for the Mercedes team to understand the airflow and the aerodynamics of this generation’s car. Hamilton mentioned he can’t talk about everybody if they don’t like the domination of Max Verstappen. But Lewis Hamilton mentioned they will be ready to capitalize on any mistake if Red Bull makes in this season.

However, the seven-time champion feels the Austrian team is not making any mistakes currently. Hence, Hamilton can do nothing but wait patiently until his team figures out a way to win titles again. On the other hand, Toto Wolff, Mercedes team Principal, mentioned Lewis Hamilton has been very supportive whenever they needed him. In fact, Wolff points out the support between Hamilton and his team that goes both directions. Hence, in this difficult time for the team with its car, it is great to have a dynamic like this between the driver and the team.    

Highly Successful Collaboration Between Mercedes And Lewis Hamilton Over 15 Years

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Crash.Net

Clearly, the race at Zandvoort did not go according to Mercedes’s plans at all last weekend. But the 38-year-old driver won’t give up so soon. Lewis Hamilton still desires to win his eighth Driver’s World Championship. No other driver has won more titles in F1 than Hamilton. But the Briton is jointly the most title winner with Michael Schumacher at present. Both have won seven titles. But Lewis Hamilton has won way more races and pole positions.

He is the only driver to win above 100 races and pole positions. But the car that was always by his side was the German car. All his 15-year-long and illustrious career, Lewis Hamilton drove Mercedes-powered cars even when he was part of the McLaren team. This collaboration with the German manufacturers has brought the Briton great success in his career. However, at present, the team is unable to provide him with a championship-winning car. But time is running out as Hamilton is 38, at the twilight of his career.