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After a prolonged absence, New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner appeared before the fans and media on Tuesday. He made a virtual address via video conferencing and spoke at length about various issues. His address largely evolved around the overview of the lost 2023 season. Though, Steinbrenner did promise to bring in big changes this off-season

Hal Steinbrenner stayed blunt with his response on the Yankees 2023 season debacle. He called it a disappointment and the 82-80 record “unacceptable.” The owner also spoke about the future of Aaron Boone as the manager of the team. Steinbrenner confessed that he had to seek diverse opinions before reaching a consensus.


Hal Steinbrenner Announces Return Of Aaron Boone As Yankees Manager For 2024 Season!

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Hal Steinbrenner’s post-season address revolved around the solutions the New York Yankees are mulling ahead of the 2024 season. The proud owner said that everything will be on the table when it comes to off-season roster changes. Also, Steinbrenner confirmed the onboarding of Zelus Analytics at the recommendation of assistant GM Michael Fishman. Most importantly, Hal announced his final decision on the future of skipper Aaron Boone. Boone, who has one year and a club option left on the contract, came under intense scrutiny due to the 2023 fall. However, Steinbrenner still does not view Boone as a part of the problem. During his press address, he confessed that he did consult a few Yankee players, former players, and a couple of general managers.

The group includes captain Aaron Judge, Andy Pettitte, Nick Swisher, Omar Minaya, and Brian Sabean. All of them spoke highly of Aaron Boone and urged Hal Steinbrenner to retain him for the 2024 season. Also, Hal’s personal sentiment aligns with that of the personnel he spoke to. Steinbrenner burst the myth that Boone makes decisions solely on analytics. He claimed that even the analytics guys have many a time told him that Boone often uses his gut feeling and baseball experience while making on-field decisions. Having said that, the most prominent thing that worked in favor of Boone was the respect of his players. Hal seemed clearly moved by that attribute. “He’s extremely intelligent. He’s hardworking. The players respect him as a manager, they want to play for him and win for him,” said Steinbrenner.

Hal Steinbrenner Hints At Major Free Agency Acquisitions This Winter!

Hal Steinbrenner is “angry” about the state of the Yankees. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Yankees owner began the Tuesday address by calling the 2023 season a disappointment and the 82-80 record unacceptable. He said that the team failed to even qualify for the playoffs, let alone the championship, which hurt him the most. Steinbrenner said that having a winning record is not an accomplishment but a requirement in the franchise’s books. Thus, in 2024, that perspective needs to be infused among players.

Additionally, Hal Steinbrenner confirmed keeping every possible scenario on the table with respect to free agency acquisitions. “So anybody comes to me with a deal, a piece that we feel we need to do what we need to do in 2024, I’m going to strongly consider it, yes,” said Steinbrenner. Hal added that a lot of major off-season changes are incoming. Some might be more significant than others, and some might seem minimal to the fans. But those matter to him and Aaron Judge as they are in it every day.