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The Los Angeles Lakers and their star player, LeBron James, are upset about how NBA referees are calling fouls. In a recent game against the Miami Heat, they felt that the referees missed many fouls, especially those against LeBron James. The Lakers even complained to the NBA about it. LeBron scored 30 points in that game. However, the referees awarded him only four free throws, whereas the Miami Heat received 16. This has been a season of frustration for LeBron and the Lakers, and they want fairer calls in the future.

Why The Lakers Have Complained To The Officials?

The Lakers have officially voiced their dissatisfaction with how the game’s officiating took place on Monday. They did this by filing a formal complaint with the NBA league office. They pointed out “numerous missed foul calls” and highlighted a series of perceived fouls against LeBron James. The team presented multiple video clips from the game. They used these clips to illustrate what they thought was evident illegal contact against their star player.

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In that game, LeBron James scored 30 points and successfully made four free throws. In contrast, the Heat attempted 16 free throws as a team, while the Lakers only managed 14. The referees called 17 fouls against the Lakers, while they only called 14 fouls on the Heat. James addressed a specific missed call during a post-game interview. He highlighted a specific incident during a dunk attempt against Thomas Bryant, where he claimed an elbow to the face. Coach Darvin Ham shared his frustration with the officiating. He stated that he saw opponents repeatedly slapping LeBron on the arm while he was driving to the basket. This dissatisfaction ultimately led to Ham receiving a technical foul during the game.

LeBron’s Thoughts On Officiating

LeBron James has been critical of his free-throw rate this season, which is averaging a career-low of 5.7 free throws per game through seven games. His career average stands at 7.7 attempts per game, a number he hasn’t reached over a single season since 2014–15. While he has changed his game to include more perimeter play and three-point shooting, his free-throw attempts have decreased. LeBron is familiar with expressing his officiating concerns. He’s done it through the media, on social media, and even during games on the court. He reiterated his dissatisfaction with the officiating after the NBA confirmed that the calls in the last two minutes of Monday’s game were all correct.

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While missed calls are a part of every sport, LeBron and the Lakers are known for highlighting them when they feel they are unfairly officiated. This time, they’ve taken it a step further with a formal complaint to the league. The Los Angeles Lakers’ challenging start to the season, combined with their frustration over the officiating in their recent game against the Miami Heat, has led to a formal complaint to the NBA league office. As they seek to get back on track, LeBron James and his team hope for fairer officiating in the games to come.