Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees spent a hefty amount of cash this off-season. The sole motive of the club this off-season was to build a solid offensive team worthy enough to contest the World Series title. Moreover, the club spent over $570 million alone on just four players. Apart from acquiring and retaining notable players, the Yankees also offered one-year extension contracts to eleven arbitration-eligible players. The contracts were offered just ahead of the deadline on January 13.

However, not all players accepted the deal. 26-year-old Gleyber Torres, yet another arbitration-eligible player, refused to sign the contract. The deal reportedly was stalled owing to payroll issues from Torres’ side. However, the Yankees have reached a settlement with Torres before the hearing as they announced his onboarding earlier today. Torres is the last arbitration-eligible player to settle with the Yankees.


Gleyber Torres Back With The Yankees, Signs One-Year Contract

gleyber torres yankees

The New York Yankees infielder, Gleyber Torres, signed a one-year extension contract with the Yankees and thus avoided arbitration. All the arbitration-eligible players signed a deal before the 13th January deadline, except for Torres. Torres refused the deal owing to payroll issues. According to a few media reports, the infielder asked for $10.2 million, to which the Yankees issued a counteroffer of $9.7 million. Further, Torres declined the counteroffer and made his way toward arbitration.

However, the New York Yankees finally managed to convince Torres and reached a settlement. Moreover, according to Mark Feinsand of, Gleyber Torres agreed to a salary of $9.95. Furthermore, this is the third time Torres has avoided arbitration, as he signed a contract in 2021 for $4 million and one in 2022 for $6.25 million. Hence, the Yankees have now set a record for avoiding arbitration since 2017.

Will Torres Stay With The Yankees Till The End Of The Season?

Gleyber Torres

Though Gleyber Torres has settled for now and signed a one-year contract, the question arises whether the infielder is likely to continue for the Yanks till the end of the 2023 season. Well, the answer is not plain black and white. Torres, a two-time all-star winner, hit 24 homers and 76 RBIs with a batting average of .257 in the 2022 season. However, rumors are floating that the Yanks are interested in trading Torres in the postseason.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees look almost done with the off-season. They played all their card right and built a strong bullpen. However, the left-field and shortstop woes are still lingering on their shoulder. But, the front office is confident of getting it sorted before the opening day. Further, the players will report for spring training in a few weeks. Post the training, the opening day will take place in the month of March.

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