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Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors are the modern-day dynasty in the NBA. But it is hard to predict if they can win any more championships. They have won four titles in eight years. Can they make it five in ten? As long as the big three superstars – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, are there, they have a shot at the title. But in the ongoing season, Green and Thompson had not been at their best.

Moreover, the Dub Nation is not 100% sure if the big three stars can help them win another title. Anyway, the fans totally believe that the Warriors never had a better chance to win a title without the tripod. Lately, a former Warriors player compared himself with Steph Curry to say if the previous Dubs team had a chance to win titles. 


Gilbert Arenas Compares Stephen Curry With Himself In The Big Three Take

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Recently, the former Washington Wizards star celebrated Christmas with fans during a live session on YouTube. In that fan engagement session, one fan asked Arenas if he could lead a team to titles, hadn’t injuries intervened him regularly. Gilbert Arenas was a pretty good player in the early 2000s. He started his NBA Career with the Warriors. Later, he moved to the Washington Wizards and stayed there for a long time. However, Arenas could not play for as long as he had hoped because of injuries. Anyway, to answer that fan’s question, Arenas replied he could lead a team to a title if he had the vision of someone like Stephen Curry who plays like him.

Also, he would need the exactly right kind of pieces. Moreover, if the big three he was part of back in 2000s along with Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler were anything like the big three Steph is part of, then Arenas could answer with a definite yes or a definite no. Previously, Arenas had compared himself with Stephen Curry too. Arenas mentioned he was a better player at 25 than what Steph was at 25. Moreover, Arenas was already a three-time All-Star and three-time All-NBA player before turning 25. 

Warriors Need Steph To Show Them The Way Again

Stephen Curry
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Again, the team is depending solely on Stephen Curry. Green is out with his second suspension. But Thompson is getting better gradually, and that’s great news for Curry and the Dubs. The Splash Brothers helped the team to get to 15 wins this season until they lost against the defending champions on Christmas night. Steph did not have a great night again on Christmas. Is there something called the “Curry Christmas Curse?” Anyway, the Dub Nation needs the tripod to get back on the court with a positive and winning mentality.

That’s what the Warriors franchise expects from the big three stars. After all, that tripod made the GSW a modern-day dynasty. Albeit, Kevin Durant also helped the Warriors win two of the four titles. But the tripod with Green, Klay, and, of course, Curry remained constant. Moreover, Stephen Curry went on to change the game forever. He revolutionized the three-point shots. Steph is the best shooter in the league, and he has been that for a long time.