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Mercedes has been going through a very rough patch since last year. They expected things to work out as planned this year. But that did not happen. It is very weird to see a team that dominated the grid for eight consecutive years find it so hard to build the right car. Moreover, they took the whole 2023 season to study the car and gather as much knowledge as possible.

Clearly, the fans will hope that the Brackley team won’t repeat the zero sidepod concept. That was their biggest flaw in the past two years. Moreover, that concept was what got them to mess up the car in the first place. Hence, the Mercedes boss says it is the biggest challenge to get the expectations right for the next season. 


Toto Wolff Claims Managing Expectations Is The Biggest Hurdle Next Season For Mercedes

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff
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According to GP Blog, Toto Wolff recently said in a YouTube video that his team has got a mountain to climb. Prior to that, it is the primary challenge to have the right expectations for 2024. The Mercedes boss also stated that there is a big sporty hole that must get smaller. And then there is a team that’s so successful. But the Mercedes boss is also optimistic about his team taking the right steps to start their journey back to the peak. Only time can say, if the W15 car will be able to make them a contender next season. Anyway, the Mercedes car back in 2022 was so difficult to drive.

Albeit, they had a win in Brazil with W13. Later, the Silver Arrows fixed the 2022 issues with W14. However, newer problems came up this year with W14. Meanwhile, their rivals, Red Bull went on to win every race but one. Hence, Toto Wolff is unwilling to predict anything until the W15 car hits the road in 2024. Unlike W14, the Mercedes boss claimed his team would build W15 from scratch. Hence, there is a teeny tiny possibility to see the German team get on winning races again. 

Change In Regulations Saw A Change In F1 Domination

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Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner Source: Sky Sports

Ever since the cost cap era started, it seems like Toto Wolff’s team lost its edge. Moreover, things were not perfect in 2021 either. However, the German team still managed to win the constructor title that year. Albeit, they could not help Lewis Hamilton win his coveted eighth title in 2021. Moreover, it seems they might never again get the chance to build the fastest car to help Hamilton win a title. Clearly, Red Bull has got the fastest car and they are way ahead of the rest. However, McLaren can come up with the best challenger next year. They made fine progress in the 2023 season.

On the other hand, Mercedes struggled because of inconsistency. The W14 car had a tough time around low downforce circuits. Hamilton and the German team fans are eagerly waiting to see the right car that doesn’t have any such porpoising issues or downforce problems. Moreover, Mercedes might not be able to win the title next year. But at least they must try to help Lewis Hamilton and George Russell end their Grand Prix win drought.