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“Get Stephen Curry Some Help” Discussion Is Over As Klay Thompson Bounces Back Well For The Warriors

Stephen Curry is the biggest hope for the Golden State Warriors to make the playoffs this season. The other two stars of the GSW, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, have really disappointed the fans so far. Moreover, the biggest concern for the seven-time champions is Green’s two suspensions already so early in the season. The fans fear the dream of winning five titles in a decade is getting out of hand.

That’s the reason why the fans had a discourse on social media going on with the tagline, “Get Curry some help.” Stephen Curry seemed to be playing a lonely battle for so long this season. However, the fans have hopes as long as Stephen Curry is at his best. But lately, in the game against the LA Clippers, Steph had his worst game this season so far. The Warriors lost, but Klay Thompson showed a vast improvement.


Fans Wonder If The Discourse “Get Stephen Curry Some Help” Is Over As Klay Thompson Bounced Back Hard

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The Splash Brothers confused the Dub Nation against the LA Clippers regarding the discourse of getting Curry some help. In that game, Klay Thompson played well, but it was not enough to clinch a victory. Stephen Curry had an underwhelming performance. After that game, the fans who had been asking to get Steph some help started saying, “Get Klay some help now.” Moreover, the Dub Nation wishes to see all three stars – Curry, Green, and Thompson playing equally well. That’s when the GSW will be unstoppable. It has been a tough season for the three stars since the start.

Certain fans and experts claim Klay Thompson has become a washed-up player. On the other hand, they have been fed up with Draymond Green’s antics. Moreover, experts and some fans have also been questioning the leadership of Stephen Curry. But Klay Thompson’s 30-point output when Steph Curry had a tough night is raising hopes. Already, some fans claim the “Get Curry some help” discourse is dead. Klay was pretty good with his three-pointer shooting against the LA Clippers. Out of 12 attempts, eight got into the basket. Moreover, Klay Thompson grabbed five rebounds as well. 

Tension Rising For The Dub Nation

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In fact, the GSW started the current regular season on a winning note. Later, the five-game suspension of Dray Green really cost the Dubs heavily. They went on to lose six games on the trot. Currently, the San Francisco-based team is 10-14. The Warriors are the 11th seed in the Western Conference at present. Moreover, the fans are pretty doubtful about their chances to make the playoffs this season.

Besides Dray Green, Klay Thompson has not been performing that great either this season. Along with Green’s suspension, Stephen Curry missed a couple of games in the 24 contests so far for the GSW. Both games saw Klay Thompson lead the team, but in vain. The Warriors are losing constantly, and Klay is clearly not at his best this season. Hence, tensions are rising among the Dub Nation.