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CHECKOUT: Why The New York Yankees & Juan Soto’s Deal Is Perfect For Aaron Judge?

The New York Yankees had such a terrible season last season that all hopes seemed lost. However, the front office promised the fans that significant changes were coming in all departments of the organization. However, the Bronx Bombers knew they needed more star power. Now, everybody knows that Juan Soto is arguably the best hitter there is in the league currently.

Soto’s game style will suit perfectly to the Yankee Stadium. On top of that, the fans are eager to see Soto and Judge take the outfield together. It has been a dream come true moment to see them together for the Yankees Nation. However, Juan Soto might help Aaron Judge in more ways than the fans could imagine.


Juan Soto Can Help Aaron Judge A Lot Next Year

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Aaron Judge Yankees Source: MLB Trade Rumors

Lately, Bryan Hoch, Yankees Beat writer, mentioned Juan Soto could protect Aaron Judge within manager Aaron Boone’s batting lineup. Moreover, Hoch predicts that Judge might bat second, and then Soto might go in third. It has been a long time since Aaron Judge had solid support in the Yankees batting order. Now, Juan Soto immediately solved that problem as he confirmed playing for the NY side next season. Not only as a great hitter, but the Dominican superstar will bring in a lot of discipline on the plate. If Soto continues to have fewer strikeouts, then the pressure for Judge will reduce a lot.

That’s how impactful this deal with the Padres had been for the Yankees. Moreover, Soto gives the Yankees Faithful another reason to visit the stadium. Previously, it was only for Aaron Judge. But when the captain failed to deliver, the fans lost hope. Now, Juan Soto is a reason to cover for All-Rise. On the other hand, Hoch reported that the Childish Bambino had a lot of nice things to say about the 2022 AL MVP. As per Hoch, Juan Soto expressed his excitement to play alongside Judge. Soto thinks Aaron Judge is a great guy, as he was among the few who reached out to him when he got traded. 

Yankees Are Glad To Have Multiple Stars Rather Than One

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

It has been a long time since the NY side has only one superstar in the team, and that’s the captain, Aaron Judge. Later, in 2023, it was clear how stressful it can get for the captain. Moreover, the franchise’s 16th captain hurt his toe and stayed out for a couple of months. In the meantime, the Yankees lost their momentum, and when Judge later returned, it was already too late. Hence, the Yankees nation was asking for a lefty superstar outfielder. And who’s better than Juan Soto for that position?

However, the NY side had a few more options, like Cody Bellinger, just in case the deal with the San Diego Padres didn’t work out. But it did work out, and Juan Soto will be a Yankee for at least a year. Now, it is essential to see how impactful the former Padres superstar is going to be for the 27-time champions. Clearly, Soto brings in a huge boost in offensive power, and the NY side really needed it. In 2023, they had the second-worst batting average after the Oakland Athletics.