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Gerrit Cole Scripts History By Smashing Decades-Old Record With Latest Win Over Guardians

The New York Yankees took on Cleveland Guardians at the iconic Yankee stadium to stay alive in the series. After losing the previous game by a whisker, the Bombers looked determined to get past the long-withstanding losing streak. Hence, they summoned their trump card of the bullpen for rescue. Gerrit Cole, the Yankees ace, turned up on the mound for his seventh outing of the 2023 MLB season.

Gerrit Cole, ever since his arrival in New York in 2020, has been the Yankee’s most trusted starter in the bullpen. Anytime the team finds itself in a deep crisis, they turn to Cole for rescue. On top of that, the pitcher has always delivered to the team’s needs and rose on top every time he stepped on the mound. Hence, Yesterday’s outing was no exception.


Gerrit Cole Saves The Day For The Yankees With Another Stellar Outing, Scripts Unique Record

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole excitedly yells after pitching. via @Yankees Twitter

After trumping the Los Angeles Angels a couple of weeks ago, the New York Yankees have witnessed an unusual slump. They kept on losing series after series and landed in the bottom place at the Al-East table. However, this week, the Bombers displayed the intent to break the unwanted streak. Hence, Aaron Boone handed the ball to his most trusted knight, Gerrit Cole. Cole, who has been the only unbeaten Yankees so far, extended his streak by securing yet another win.

He pitched six innings, wherein he allowed five hits, two runs, three stolen bases, and registered eight strikeouts. His current ERA stands as low as 1.35. These stats helped him achieve a 65-year-old Yankee record. According to ESPN Stats & Info, Gerrit Cole is the only Yankee since Bob Turley in 1958 to have registered an unbeaten seven starts with an ERA lower than 1.50. Cole’s dominance on the mound this season has been a major reason why the Yankees have stayed in the playoff race despite numerous injuries and inconsistent play. Hence, the fans would love the pitcher to carry on this momentum till the end of the ongoing season.

Cole Hilariously Congratulates Anthony Volpe For His Homer Against The Guardians

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees takes his turn at bat against the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium via Sportskeeda

Anthony Volpe, the Yankees’ top farm prospect, has been the find of the season for the team. After an initial struggle, the shortstop picked up pace as the leadoff hitter and has been unstoppable ever since. Yesterday, Volpe reached his peak as he hit a solo homer, two runs, two hits, and one RBI. He single-handedly provided the Yankees with a commanding lead, on which Gleyber Torres and Willie Calhoun later pounced to register a sweet victory.

Meanwhile, Yankees ace Gerrit Cole praised Anthony Volpe for his stellar efforts with the bat in a rather hilarious style. Cole joked and said, “He’s now tied me for career homers. That lasted about a month.” Volpe now has three career homers in his debut season. The shortstop is just 21 years of age and has a long way to go in his career. Hence, the Yankees would hope to see him in pinstripes, possibly till the end of his baseball career.