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The 2022 Formula One was a season Mercedes has to forget. One of the most dominant teams in sports history has been badly struggling this season. They are yet to find their first win. In addition to Lewis Hamilton\’s poor form, the team was also pushed behind by their W13 problems like porpoising. Bouncing has been a significant concern for Mercedes in the early parts of the season. However, recently George Russell revealed that the new regulations by FIA helped the team with porpoising concerns after the Belgian Grand Prix.

George Russell Reveals How Mercedes Found Solution For Porpoising

According to Mercedes driver George Russell, the FIA\’s Technical Directive, which was put into effect before the Belgian Grand Prix in 2022, nearly eliminated porpoising in their W13. The team initially struggled with bouncing but subsequently significantly improved their skills. Prior to the 2022 season, the sport revised its rules, and several teams had porpoising issues with their vehicles. However, bouncing was probably going to cause significant mishaps or health issues. The result was that the FIA consented to implement a technical directive that reduced vertical oscillations brought on by vehicle floors.


Russell claims that the TD has almost entirely resolved his team\’s bouncing issues. He is also confident that the changes proposed for the 2023 season would eliminate them. George thinks the FIA\’s minor regulatory changes contributed a lot. And Mercedes is essentially certain that the modifications made the following year by raising the floor edge will eradicate porpoising. In addition, the young driver had forgotten what it felt like to get porpoised. His claim serves as evidence of the Silver Arrows\’ advancement in 2022.

Mercedes has struggled at the finish line in recent races while being in contention to challenge the 2022 constructors\’ title. Max Verstappen seemed to lose ground to Lewis Hamilton in Mexico, but Hamilton appeared to hold it. Mercedes picked the wrong tire for the Briton, allowing Max Verstappen to win comfortably.

Toto Wolff Praises FIA For Bold Steps!


Driver indignation over the usage of a recovery truck on the track in driving rain during the Japanese Grand Prix last month led to this. The FIA pledged a thorough investigation; less than two weeks later, during the United States Grand Prix, the results were made public. Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, has applauded the FIA for handling significant issues head-on, including the recent Suzuka crane mishap probe, and for doing so in a completely transparent manner. According to Wolff, Mohammed ben Sulayem\’s leadership has greatly improved the way the FIA operates.

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