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Frankie Montas Will Possibly Return To The Yankees’ Rotation This Season! Doctors Provide Recent Updates

The Yankees traded Frankie Montas last year from the Oakland Athletics with hopes of seeing a good outcome. But, unfortunately, things went pretty badly. He got injured, which allowed him to show his potential only in eight games that, too, could only make a 6.35 ERA in the outings. Overall, the motive to keep Montas was not fulfilled, as accepted by Yankees GM Brian Cashman himself. He claimed the trade to “not worked out at all.”

Injuries are something that can destroy a player’s career sometimes. Everyone, including the New York Yankees, knew there was something wrong with Frankie’s shoulder. But they still traded him last summer, being optimistic about his injuries.


The injury that caused inflammation and that prevented Frankie from utilizing all his right-handing skills last year is still there. In the spring season training, the pain perhaps raised even higher, allowing him to stop it as soon as possible. However, shoulder surgery has been scheduled for him on Tuesday. Let’s hope it remains helpful for the 2023 season.

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Let’s know what r. James B. Carr II, the shoulder surgery specialist, has to say about the recovery of Frankie Montas. Listening to his statement, fans can predict what they need to expect from their favorite player this year. The arthroscopic procedure will be undertaken. Only then will we get to know what exactly the problem is and how long it will take for the proper recovery?

Doctors Explained Frankie Montas Condition, Difficult For Him to Comeback

The Doctors recently explained that in terms of what they need to find out, a lot of times, “MRI” helps. It gives a pretty good idea about the situation. Dr. Carr said, “Nowadays, the MRI’s very, this gives a very good sense of where the inflammation is.” Not only that, but you also get to know if there is anything related to the fraying of tissues or the flap of tissue. This causes impinging and pain. MRI makes it clear whether the bone spur has taken place or not because this is the factor that causes pain which results in inflammation.

Per them, sometimes, after investigating ad researching, they find that “something additional like a flap of tissue” has emerged. And this is not even speculated through MRI. The reports sometimes say that there is something red, inflamed bursitis-type tissue. This helps you clean out the doubts and finally go for the recovery process.

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What the case with Frankie Montas is that they are looking for the presence of inflamed bursitis tissue. As Dr. Carr guessed, the surgery may include finding something inside the joint which will clarify the reason that is generating pain and inflammation. Now speaking of his return to fields this year, Yankees fans need to be realistic. So far, looking at the condition of his injury, it can be said that Montas is not returning to his full potential this year.