Mercedes Red-Bull
Mercedes W14 & Red Bull RB19

Now that all ten teams of Formula One have launched their 2023 season F1 car, we gotta find out which is the best one, right? Almost all the teams tried to surprise fans by bringing some innovations, by changing livery, and also by not changing anything at all. Last year was the first year with the ground floor effect changed regulations. And it was also the year that twisted the plot of Formula One a little bit, ending the era for Mercedes and bringing the golden era back for Red Bull; the 2022 season taught so many lessons to the teams that they used it to bring their 2023 F1 challenger.

Mercedes tried to bring their unique sidepod concept once again in the W14, and they changed the entire livery of the car too, black from the traditional Silver. In 2022, the once-dominating team could only achieve a solo win, that too through George Russell’s courtesy; Hamilton could only get a P6 in the driver’s standings, 34 points behind his teammate.


The W13 was indeed the worst car that the team has ever made; filled with purposing issues, the car just drowned the seven-time world champion into disappointments. For the first time in his 16 years career, Lewis Hamilton passed a season with zero victories. He didn’t like it; no one did; the W13 was supposed to change. And thus, it got a complete revolution, turning into black.

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Mercedes Wins People’s Hearts With The Black Livery

Red Bull, on the other hand, did not change the livery of the car at all. Going against fans, Max Verstappen explained that the color of the car is not something that ever matters to him. And Ferrari, the team in red, once again followed their traditional scheme. But the team brought several changes to the chassis. They have used the loopholes of the new regulations and very brilliantly changed the design of the car.

Meanwhile, the official website of Formula One did a poll asking fans to vote for the best livery of 2023. And the result of the poll is out. Eighty thousand people shared their views and selected the best one. And as expected, the team that got the most votes was Mercedes.

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31% of the voters picked Mercedes, W14 black livery as the best livery of the year. Ferrari succeeded in clinching the Second position here too. 19% of the reader-selected Ferrari’s classic red livery as the best. And very astonishingly, in the third position, instead of Red Bull, fans selected Alfa Romeo. 15% of the people voted for Alfa Romeo as the team changed the livery this year from red and white to red and black. In the fourth position, we got Red Bull, with 8% of the votes. Aston Martin became the fifth livery to get into the list with 7% votes.