Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Dominguez runs the bases after hitting a two-run home run in the first inning of the Yankees’ 6-2 win over the Astros. AP

The New York Yankees have been through a lot of ups and downs. But the last season was a terrible memory that won’t be easy to forget. It is still very fresh for the players and the rest of the organization. And why won’t it be? Last year, the Bronx Bombers finished fourth in the American League East division. They finished with a horrible 82-80 record. It was their worst season in the last 30 years. The fans have been waiting for them to reach the World Series for such a long time. And that’s the kind of terrible performance they displayed last season. It was a wake-up call for the team personnel.

They knew they had to work a lot harder in 2024. Moreover, the front office made some significant changes to boost their outfield and offense. In fact, the offseason had been quite productive for the NY side. As a team, they feel confident about the depth in all their areas. However, the pitching department can use a little more depth. But the Yankees are ready to contend for the title again this year. And who are the players that can exceed expectations of the Yankees Faithful this year?


Yankees That Can Exceed Expectations In 2024

Anthony Rizzo Yankees
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WFSB

First of all, Jason Dominguez was the top prospect that made his debut last season. He could have had a great season, but then he sustained a severe injury. To make it worse, he had to undergo Tommy John surgery. The Martian played only eight games. But that was enough to raise hopes for the fans. He hit 4 home runs in those eight games & had a batting average of .258. He slugged .677%. Since then, the fans wanted to know his recovery status. Aaron Boone gave positive news, saying Jasson would get back in the summer for the Yankees. Boone said he’s pretty confident about that. Besides Dominguez, there is the veteran Anthony Rizzo.

He can be a crucial piece of the Yankees roster. The former Chicago Cubs first baseman had a setback last year. His performance started dropping drastically after a collision with Fernando Tatis. Later, the team placed him on the Injured List. Now, the question is if he can become a highly valuable asset to the Yankees after undergoing full rehabilitation. The other players that can exceed the expectations are Anthony Volpe and Marcus Stroman. Fans will hope Volpe can get over the sophomore slump season. On top of that, Stroman can have a breakout season for the Yankees this year. 

Volpe And Stroman Will Have High Expectations

Anthony Volpe and Derek Jeter smile and pose for a photo. via NYY “X”

Anthony Volpe became the second Gold Glove winner in the NY side’s history after Derek Jeter. He made history when he had a 20-20 season in his rookie year. However, the first few months of “The Kid” were not raising hopes. People even thought he might not be ready for the big league. Then, he defied those expectations in the latter half of the season. Fans hope he can keep his strikeout number in check this year. It was reaching 167 last year.

On the other hand, the Yankees are still looking for a perfect starting pitcher. The last one that they landed was Marcus Stroman for a two-year deal worth $37 million. He can be a key for their rotation needs. Moreover, Stroman has already shown a lot of passion and eagerness to excel in the Bronx. That should help him become the promising breakout player of the next season.

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