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The New York Yankees shocked the fans when they let Yoshinobu Yamamoto join the Los Angeles Dodgers for 12 years. Moreover, it was a big setback for the off-season plans of the NY side. He was a big name and a top priority on the shopping list of the Bronx Bombers. Moreover, the Pinstripes were the frontrunners to land the Japanese ace pitcher. Yamamoto is a multiple-time All-Star level player in the Nippon Professional Baseball. Moreover, the 25-year-old star has also won the Sawamura Award multiple times. That award is equivalent to the Cy Young Award in MLB.

The Yankees have Gerrit Cole, who won that award this year. With Cole and Yamamoto, the Yankees would have a deadly combination as their starting pitchers. But no, it turned out too good to be true. Eventually, the Dodgers landed two superstar Japanese free agents this offseason. On the other hand, the Yankees are still looking for a star pitcher this offseason. Carlos Rodon did not have a great season this year. On the other hand, Gerrit Cole is alone in there as a starter. 


Recently, The Former Yankees Pitcher Explained Why They Let Yamamoto Go?

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Mike Stanton was a guest in the recent episode of the podcast Bleav in The Bronx. In that episode, Stanton shared his thoughts on what happened in the Yamamoto sweepstakes. Many fans of the Bronx thought that the franchise would do anything to land the coveted Japanese ace. Perhaps the Yankees thought $300 million was the limit they would not go beyond. What Stanton said might help in understanding the approach of the NY side. Mike Stanton mentioned that Yamamoto never pitched in the Major League and was already getting bigger offers than Gerrit Cole. That perhaps was the hangup for the Bronx Bombers.

Cole signed with the Pinstripes for a deal worth $324 million. Hence, it only took one million more for the Dodgers to land Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Perhaps Brian Cashman did not want to go beyond Gerrit Cole’s number. It is also essential to remember, as Stanton said, that Cole just won the AL Cy Young Award. Moreover, Mike Stanton pointed out Yamamoto’s height. He is not as tall as true MLB’s ace pitchers. Moreover, Yamamoto is only 5 feet 10 inches. Hence, the Japanese ace is also not a big guy by MLB standards.

Pinstripes Missed A Good Chance Of Landing A Star Pitcher

Yoshinobu Yamamoto
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The 27-time champions highly sought after the 25-year-old righty reliever. If the NY side could land him, they could sigh relief and claim to have a great offseason. But they eventually let the Los Angeles Dodgers take him away. The fans really can’t get what was the big deal.

It was only a matter of a few more years and a little more cash. Anyway, the Yankees offered Yamamoto a pretty good deal of ten years worth $300 million. But the Dodgers offered him two years more and $25 million more. Why could not Brian Cashman and the front office match that deal?