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Former Mercedes Teammate Issues Bold Prediction On Lewis Hamilton’s Championship Run In 2024!

Lewis Hamilton once proclaimed as the seven-time F1 World Champion, witnessed a downfall like never before. Since 2021, the Briton has struggled to secure even a single win, let alone a championship. Mercedes’ miscue with the W-series cars played a major role as Hamilton noticed a dip in performance and overall confidence.

Having said that, Mercedes’ struggles stayed indifferent in 2023. The team is yet to win a race this season, with only one round left on the calendar. Notably, Lewis Hamilton also threw the towel as he lost faith in the W14 completely. With the team shifting focus towards the W15 development, will Hamilton finally redeem himself to lift the record-breaking eight title?


Nico Rosberg Trusts Mercedes’ Comeback Bid For 2024! Expect Lewis Hamilton To Contest For Championship!

Lewis Hamilton confident to take down Red Bull after P2 in Spain (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton’s ex-teammate and foe Nico Rosberg has made a bold prediction on the former’s 2024 season championship campaign. Mercedes has already started to work on W15’s development and has reportedly hit a major breakthrough. So far, the team, as well as the drivers, are satisfied with the progress and pray for an even better winter prep. As the Silver Arrows gear up to produce an epic comeback, Rosberg sends his best wishes. He says he believes in the Brackley-based team because he had been a part of the group in the past. Out of all people, Nico has a deep insight into the team’s working structure.

“I know how strong they are. It’s always still the same people,” said Rosberg. Nico Rosberg further predicted that Lewis Hamilton will have a strong chance of securing his eighth championship title in 2024. “I just would like a great fight for the championship, and may the best driver win. But I’m not biased in that sense, obviously,” said Nico. The former world champion never had a great relationship with Hamilton when the duo were teammates in the past. However, Rosberg’s love for Mercedes is still not lost. Having said that, team boss Toto Wolff is also committed to helping Lewis get to his record-breaking title number. Perhaps 2024 could be the decisive year and the year when the Silver Arrows’ prolonged struggles come to an end.

Lewis Hamilton Losses P2 Battle To Red Bull’s Sergio Perez!

Lewis Hamilton

Despite early setbacks, Mercedes came alive mid-season owing to timely upgrades. Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, started to build a connection with his car and delivered back-to-back podium finishes. With Sergio Perez struggling with Red Bull, Hamilton sensed an opening at securing P2 in the drivers championship standings. He had a deficit of only 20 points at one stage.

However, tables turned when Lewis Hamilton suffered a disqualification at Austin. That acted as a confidence booster for Checo, who went on to secure a podium in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Hamilton couldn’t recover, and Perez was declared the P2 position winner after the penultimate race of the season. Now, Lewis has to defend P3 Carlos Sainz, who is right behind with a deficit of 23 points.