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The 2023 season proved to be a tumultuous and disappointing one for the New York Yankees. Despite high hopes and a roster filled with star power, the Bronx Bombers found themselves entangled in a series of setbacks that ultimately led to one of their worst seasons in recent memory.

Having said that, looking ahead, the offseason looms as a critical period for the Yankees. Tough decisions regarding the roster, coaching staff, and overall team strategy will need to be made to ensure a rebound in the seasons to come. And last week, the front office took the first step in the right direction by making its first free agency signing.


Yankees Sign Reliever Yerry De Los Santos In First Off-Season Move!

Yerry De Los Santos
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Off-season commenced for the New York Yankees a little earlier this year as they failed to make it to the postseason. However, it wasn’t until last week that the front office signed on the first move. While the Yanks remain in dire need of outfielders, Brian Cashman has kicked off the off-season proceedings with a reliever. The Bronx Bombers have officially kicked off free agency by signing hard-throwing reliever Yerry De Los Santos, signaling a commitment to fortify their pitching depth for the upcoming season. De Los Santos, a 25-year-old right-handed pitcher, showcased his prowess on the mound, catching the attention of multiple teams. However, it’s the Yanks who secured his services, adding a dynamic arm to their bullpen arsenal.

Amid raging rumors, Los Santos’ agent, Epitome Sports Management, confirmed the acquisition. However, the contract details are yet to be revealed. With the Yankees losing three relief pitchers at the non-tender deadline, they needed reinforcements. Yerry De Los Santos makes a lot of sense for the Yanks. He is best known for his decisive sinkers and can execute a variety of pitches. Not only that, the reliever will thrive under the mentorship of pitching coach Matt Blake. The impact of De Los Santos extends beyond his on-field performance. His youth and potential for further development align with the Yanks’ commitment to building a roster that not only contends in the present but also sets a foundation for sustained success. This signing reflects the team’s belief in De Los Santos’s ability to grow into a key role within the organization.

Yanks Reach Consensus On Aaron Boone’s Deputy!

Brad Ausmus
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Carlos Mendoza, the New York Yankees bench coach and Aaron Boone’s close aide, left the franchise to manage city rivals New York Mets. While Boone was devastated by the loss, the show must go on. Meanwhile, the front office has reached a consensus and hired Brad Ausmus to replace Mendoza.

Brad Ausmus served as manager of the Detroit Tigers from 2014 to 2017. He additionally managed the Los Angeles Angels in 2019 and earlier coached the Oakland Athletics in 2022. Perhaps the extensive experience left the Yankees highly impressed. Having said that, the Bombers reportedly interviewed a couple of ex-Yankee legends as well. But surprisingly, they didn’t make the cut. Hopefully, Ausmus will gel well with Boone and the rest of the roster to produce the necessary resurgence in 2024.