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Former F1 Driver Urges Sergio Perez To Channel His Inner Nico Rosberg & Fight Ugly With Max Verstappen

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has been giving stiff competition to his team-mate Max Verstappen this season. Until last season Red Bull was used to depend on only Verstappen to win a title. But the way Perez has performed in the initial part of the season is certainly a sign that the Dutchman might not enjoy total dominance this time. Checo has proved that he is very strong on street circuits. Moreover, he has become the only F1 driver to win two races in Baku, Azerbaijan. Hence, the next Grand Prix in Monaco is set to see Sergio Perez as the favorite.

Apparently, it is a good prospect for Formula One fans because there is a lack of competition due to Red Bull’s hegemony. No other team or driver has a chance to compete against the RB19 and the two Red Bull drivers. Without much competition, any race can get a bit boring. Hence, even if an internal rivalry emerges on the race track, it can be very interesting. Moreover, fans are now excited to see a repeat of Nico Rosberg’s 2016 triumph-like season, but in the Red Bull wing.


Johnny Herbert Expects Sergio Perez To Do A Nico Rosberg 2016 Thing

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

If Sergio Perez is able to win the championship this time, then it won’t be the first time a driver has beaten his teammate who had won back-to-back titles. Nico Rosberg did it in 2016 when he beat his Mercedes teammate, Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time champion won in 2014 and 2015. But Rosberg broke the streak and secured a title for himself. However, from 2017 to 2020, Hamilton secured back-to-back titles, bringing his tally to seven. But the 2016 championship got interesting because of the Rosberg-Hamilton rivalry. That is what fans expect from Sergio Perez.

Johnny Herbert, a former F1 driver, mentioned, “Checo needs to fight ugly if he wants the 2023 title in his mantlepiece. Even if you get fired later, you’ll be a world champion.” According to Mr. Herbert, if Sergio Perez tries to play clean, then he might end his career without a title, and his dream will remain unfulfilled. It is better to face the consequences after you fulfill your dream. After the first five races and the Imola GP cancelation, Red Bull has won all the races so far. Max Verstappen is still leading the points table with three wins, and Checo is in second place with a couple of victories.

Tough Competition Between Red Bull Drivers

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: CNN

Evidently, Sergio Perez knows how tough it will be to beat his teammate. However, he is determined enough to get back to the title race as he is gearing up to win in Monaco again. The Mexican driver won in Monaco last year. Hence, he is confident to do that again. But his team-mate Max Verstappen will not make it easy for his counterpart.

There are very few racers who are as competitive and ruthless as the Dutchman. Even though he stays behind a lot of drivers for the most part of races, he always finds his way back up to P1, accelerating in the final couple of laps. So, it is clear that Max Verstappen can win races from any position and pose as a nig threat for Perez.