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Red Bull is clearly the dominant force in Formula One at present. Under the cost cap regulations, the partnership with Honda for engines has proved quite fruitful for the Austrian team. Clearly, they have the fastest car on the grid. In the cost cap era, other teams have faced innumerable problems with their cars. Most prominently, Red Bull’s arch-rivals, Mercedes, are struggling with their car and the zero side pod concept.

Apparently, they have upgraded their cars with new side pods. Moreover, it will be interesting enough to see how much difference those upgrades will make in the following races. But Red Bull is already cruising to win their consecutive third driver’s title and second constructor’s title. The credit goes to the excellent car, RB19, which is fast and smooth. However, it has been only six races, and the seventh got washed away.


Red Bull Is Looking To Get Their Powerful RB19 Better

Adrian Newey Christian Horner
Adrian Newey Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Sports Illustrated

Albeit, there is still many more Grands Prix to go. Who knows what kind of damage the car can suffer on the way to complete 23 races, i.e., scheduled for this year? It is better to prepare for that now before it gets too late. Red Bull is still working extensively on RB19 to prepare themselves for any kind of damage to the aerodynamics of the car. Fans expect the Austrian team to win all the races if they can. But the RB19 car has to keep up the level throughout the year. The record number of races in the season will put an awful amount of pressure on the car. But the Milton Keynes team has put up a car that is working brilliantly around the DRS, unlike other teams.

Karun Chandhok of Sky Sports F1 commented on the mysterious superiority of Red Bull around DRS. He said, “Red Bull has a 10% advantage over other teams while deploying DRS. Max Verstappen had it real easy to overtake Charles Leclerc on the long straight at the Miami Grand Prix.” On top of that, every team will have their eye on the Red Bull’s rear wing and DRS. Moreover, Tom Clarkson of F1 Nation suggests that there are spy photographers who might help other teams to understand what different thing the rear wing of RB19 is doing. Adding to that, Red Bull enjoys an advantage with the height of the ride, and it is essential to take all the information about the shape of the car, the aero under the car, plus the wash around the rear tires.

The Milton Keynes Team Is Keen To Extend Their Lead On The Grid

Max Verstappen Red Bull Christian Horner
Race winner Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing with Christian Horner (GBR) Red Bull Racing Team Principal. 17.11.2019. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 20, Brazilian Grand Prix, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Race Day. –, EMail: [email protected] © Copyright: Photo4 / XPB Images

Anyway, Red Bull is busy with upgrading their powerful RB19 to extend their chances of winning each and every race in the season. Adrian Newey, Chief Technology Officer of the Austrian team, has been working on the suspension of the Milton Keynes car, RB19.

Moreover, the Red Bull team wants to leave no stone unturned. Hence, it is going to get tougher for other challengers like Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Ferrari to close their gaps with the leading team.