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There has been a lot of speculation about new teams entering the Formula One arena after the 2026 rules change. Previously several reports indicated a potential deal between Red Bull racing and Porsche. However, the negotiations ended midway as the two brands failed to reach common ground. But now, new reports are claiming that Red Bull might collaborate with Ford. 

New Manufacturers To Enter Formula One?

The popularity of Formula One has increased interest in the sport more than before in recent years. It is now easier than ever to find sponsors for Formula One and its teams. The biggest companies want to compete in Formula 1. Additionally, motorsport appeals to the major players in the automotive sector. In such an environment, it makes sense for practically any brand to be interested in F1 and explore entering the sport.


Even with Audi\’s definite entry into the sport by 2026, the grid may yet undergo significant alterations. For automakers and all the teams on the grid, it\’s silly season. New assertions are becoming more common as more sponsors express interest in competing in Formula 1 in 2026. Now, according to German Sport1, Ford intends to join Formula One by working with Andretti. It is still asserted that Hyundai has begun talks to join the sport.

Audi and Porsche\’s involvement in Formula One was first evident. Porsche gave up on the sport even though Audi declared that it would formally enter it in 2026. The German manufacturer sought to purchase 51% of Red Bull. But Red Bull objected because it preferred to maintain its own brand structure. As a result, talks between the two companies stalled, and then it was over. Before it fell through, Red Bull and Porsche\’s agreement was about to be finalized. However, the contenders have the option of returning to their partnership with Honda or taking another route. Hyundai, which has a market valuation of $27.4 billion, is also keen to join Red Bull\’s traveling circus.


Regarding the Ford and Hyundai reports, two German media publications claim that both companies are in discussions to compete in Formula One. These manufacturers are Ford and Hyundai, claims SPORT1. These two companies have other options besides working together with Red Bull. Ford is thinking about joining the sport in collaboration with Andretti, whose application for admission to F1 was denied. Concerning Porsche, it seems that just though their talks with Red Bull fell through does not always imply that they will not be able to find another team to link with.

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