EA Sports Fifa 22 is certainly one of the most anticipated video games. Recently, the production company revealed its first batch of Fifa 22 Ratings. Ea Sports the ratings and player stats of the top 22 players in this year\’s edition of Fifa. These ratings are enough to create waves in the gaming and football community. Some fans also considered it a way to decide the best player in the world. This year\’s player stats came as a shock as Cristiano Ronaldo faced a demotion. So, which position Ronaldo got in this year\’s ratings, and who are the top 10 rated players of Fifa 2022? Check it out below.

Fifa 22 Ratings

1: Lionel Messi

The top-rated player in Fifa 22 is none other than Lionel Messi, who is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain. His overall ratings remain at 93, which earned him the top position. His other stats are:


PAC: 85, SHO: 92, PAS: 91, DRI: 95, DEF: 34, PHY: 65

2: Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski managed to take silver this time as his overall rating is increased by 1 point. He managed to score 92 in Fifa 22 Ratings to get the second spot. His other stats are:

PAC: 78, SHO: 92, PAS: 79, DRI: 86, DEF: 44, PHY: 82

FIFA 22 Ratings: 3 : Multiple Players

Cristiano Ronaldo did face a demotion this year, but he is still one of the highest-rated players of Fifa 22. He has an overall score of 91, which earned him the third spot in Fifa 22 Ratings. The third spot is quite crowded as Ronaldo\’s not the only one who got an overall score of 91. Four other players also got the same score. These players are De Bruyne, Mbappe, Neymar Jr, and Oblak. The detailed stats of these players are:


PAC: 87, SHO: 93, PAS: 82, DRI: 88, DEF: 34, PHY: 75

De Bruyne

PAC: 76, SHO: 86, PAS: 93, DRI: 88, DEF: 64, PHY: 78


PAC: 97, SHO: 88, PAS: 80, DRI: 92, DEF: 36, PHY: 77

Neymar Jr

PAC: 91, SHO: 83, PAS: 86, DRI: 94, DEF: 37, PHY: 63


DIV: 87, HAN: 92, KIC: 82, REF: 88, SPD: 34, POS: 75

4: Multiple Players

Just like the third spot, the fourth spot also consists of players. Kane, Kante, Neuer, and Ter Stegen received the same overall score at Fifa 22 ratings. Below are their detailed stats:


PAC: 78, SHO: 91, PAS: 83, DRI: 83, DEF: 47, PHY: 83


PAC: 78, SHO: 66, PAS: 75, DRI: 82, DEF: 87, PHY: 83


DIV: 88, HAN: 88, KIC: 91 REF: 88, SPD: 56, POS: 89

Ter Stegen

DIV: 88, HAN: 85, KIC: 88, REF: 90, SPD: 43, POS: 88

So, these are the top-10 highest-rated players who grabbed the best spot in Fifa 22 Ratings. Who is your favorite player among these? Don\’t forget to tell us in the comment box. Keep watching this space for all the latest sports updates. 

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