Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz hopes to learn from a difficult and demanding start to the year. Not just that, he is determined to provide a string of victories in the F1 season’s remaining events. In the first five races of the season, Sainz finished on the podium three times. In July, he also won his maiden Formula One race at Silverstone. However, Sainz has also recorded more retirements than any of the other drivers in the lead.

During a conversation, the Ferrari driver was asked what he had taken away from the season. The driver replied, “A lot of lessons.” He continued that “Probably many more than I would have expected, especially after last year getting to a point with the car and the team where I felt 100 percent ready with the car and the team to fight for whatever comes.”

Sainz revealed that he had difficulties in the first part of the season that he wasn’t entirely prepared for. He got such a difficult car for his driving style. And how he felt about it, a few errors at the start of the year, and a lot of DNFs. That quickly caused him to withdraw from the battle. Carlos felt like his season was beginning to gel, but the road has since been quite uphill.

Carlos Sainz is currently fifth in the standings, two points behind Mercedes driver George Russell, who is currently in fourth place. Moreover, he is just 22 behind his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc, who is standing second in the world championship race. However, the Spanish driver, who was fastest in practice one for this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, is feeling ready to rejoin the fight at the front.

Leclerc Crashed At Belgian GP Practice!

In the third practice of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, Sergio Perez led a Red Bull 1-2. However, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc had a little collision in the meanwhile. The opening section of the practice was entirely missed by the two Ferraris. But as soon as they started moving, Carlos Sainz and Leclerc took the lead.

But Perez soon overtook them, and they were about to be surpassed by Max Verstappen‘s Red Bull as well. Dutchman abandoned the lap before finishing a half second faster than Perez the following time. When Leclerc made a poor entry and skidded through the gravel, he was still in the lead despite pushing on a new set of soft tires. His Ferrari F1-right 75’s side tapped against the walls at a moderate but noticeable speed. Leclerc’s Ferrari returned to the garage on its own, but with damage. So, the practice stopped while the cleanup took place.

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