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Ferrari Likely Planning For A Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg Surnfor The Upcoming Scuderia Team In 2025

Ferrari signed Lewis Hamilton, and their chapter will begin in 2025. The Italian team fans are waiting for the new chapter in their golden history to start as soon as possible. However, there is still one more season to go before that begins. Recently, Fred Vasseur and his team launched the new SF-24, their challenger for the 2024 season in Maranello. Last year, the only non-Red Bull team to win a race was the Maranello-based team. But it was not Charles Leclerc with whom they recently signed a multi-year extension. It was Carlos Sainz Jr. who broke Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s streak in Singapore last year.

However, Vasseur had to make the tough call to let the Spaniard go at the end of the upcoming season. Moreover, Ferrari will get Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton to team up in 2025. Both drivers had winless seasons last year. But Leclerc did win a few Grands Prix in 2022. However, Lewis had his first winless season in 2022. Then, that drought continued last year as well. But the question is, if Ferrari manages to build the perfect car in 2025 or in 2026 with new regulations, then what would be the dynamic between the two drivers? 


Ferrari Will Hope To Challenge For The Title With A Lewis Hamilton And Nico Rosberg Repeat

Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

In 2016, Mercedes was unstoppable. They won every race but two. Moreover, the internal rivalry between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton reached another level. The German driver made things difficult for Hamilton, who was on two back-to-back title-winning streaks. Rosberg shocked the Hamilton fans as he won the 2016 title. He denied Hamilton of three consecutive titles that year. Later, Lewis Hamilton went on to win four titles back to back from 2017 to 2020. However, the leading Italian correspondent Roberto Chinchero believes if something similar to 2016 happens next year, then the “Red Devils” will be back to the top after such a long time.

Nico Rosberg had been an alpha male hungry for winning titles like Hamilton. But the great Briton proved how dominant he can be in the following years. Now, Charles Leclerc is another rising superstar hungry to win titles. He can prove to be another challenge as a teammate for the seven-time champion. Rosberg and Hamilton went from friends to bitter rivals. Hamilton won’t like to repeat that with Leclerc. Nevertheless, it would help Ferrari a great deal for getting the throne back that was once theirs. 

Before Signing Extension, Leclerc Knew About The Ferrari-Hamilton Deal

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During the launch of the new SF-24 in Maranello, Charles Leclerc mentioned that a signing like what happened between Hamilton and Ferrari’s does not happen “Overnight.” It was going on for a while. The Italian team management had to take a tough call in letting Carlos Sainz go in 2025. Moreover, Leclerc seemed happy with the idea of teaming up with the seven-time champion.

Moreover, it did not surprise him, when Hamilton announced he was leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari. Leclerc knew about the discussions before signing his own multi-year extension. Moreover, the Monacesque driver is looking forward to the immense experience Lewis Hamilton will bring to the team. And also he wishes to learn a lot from him.

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