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REPORTS: New York Yankees One Of The Three Contenders For World Series 2024 Along With These Teams

The New York Yankees were nowhere near the top teams last year. It was a horrible season for the NY side. They finished the 2023 season with an 82-80 record. It was their worst season in the last 30 years. Moreover, they had the second-worst batting average in the league. They had a better average than only the Oakland Athletics. Hence, the front office needed to make some significant changes in the offseason. That’s what the Bronx Bombers did. As a result, the roster went through a lot of changes in the winter.

First of all, they signed Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres. Albeit, they sacrificed a lot of pitchers and catchers in the process. But after signing some good outfielders, the Yankees look among the most improved teams in terms of WAR. Moreover, the team is looking like an overall a lot better side than last season. Hence, the fans can even claim to have a team that’s a contender for the World Series in 2024. Moreover, the duo of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge is really raising a lot of hopes. But overall, in the league, where are the Yankees in terms of contention for the “Big Dance” this year? 


Yankees Are Among Top Three Contenders For Winning The World Series In 2024

Shohei Ohtani Dodgers
Shohei Ohtani Dodgers Source: KSL News

Clearly, the top favorite to win this year’s World Series is the Los Angeles Dodgers. After all, they had the best offseason this winter. The Dodgers signed the two great international players, Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. These Japanese sensations make the fans expect a World Series win for sure. Perhaps even a new MLB dynasty for the following years. Then, there’s another National League team who are the favorites to win the “Big Dance.” That’s the Atlanta Braves. They have won the World Series on four occasions. Last time, they won it in 2021, beating the Houston Astros.

The Braves generally have a good team. Hence, they are contenders for good reasons. But the only team from the American League is the 27-time champion. Can the Yankees end their drought this year? It has been a long time since 2009, that they have won the “Big Dance.” But this year, the NY side has the two best hitters in baseball – Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. If these superstars stay healthy, the offense of the Yankees can be good enough to win the World Series. That’s why the fans are keeping their fingers crossed. But still, the Yankees have a shaky starting pitching department.

The Lack Of A Perfect Starting Partner For Gerrit Cole Makes The Pitching Look Shaky

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Only if the Yankees could confirm the signing of Blake Snell, they could have been the top contender for the World Series. But still, the starters look a bit shaky. It can be a bit too much pressure on the AL Cy Young winner of last year. Hence, they needed another dependable pitcher.

Marcus Stroman and Carlos Rodon or even Nestor Cortes are not as reliable as Cole or Snell, if they could have been together. But the asking price of Snell seems to be too high for the Yankees to seal the deal. As a result, the Batimore Orioles are looking far better side in the AL East than the Bronx Bombers.

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