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Welcome back to the new episode of this long-running soap opera which we call What\’s up with Aaron Judge\’s free agency. It really has been that long since Aaron Judge decided to refuse the Yankees\’ deal to earn more money by heading into free agency. It has been a roller coaster ride since then. However, nothing has been finalized yet about the future of the 2022 American League. There is no shortage of teams in Major League Baseball who want to sign Judge. But the Yankees and SF Giants are probably the biggest players in the race. 

Fans Troll Giants About Aaron Judge\’s Signing!

Judge\’s old team, the Yankees, has regularly been in touch with the star. And as per the general manager Brian Cashman the team has even proposed Judge a more lucrative deal than the original. But last week, the reports about Judge meeting with Giants raised the heartbeats of the Yankees fans. Moreover, NBA legends like Steph Curry and Chris Mullis have also done their part in efforts to persuade Judge to join the Giants. 


The Giants All-Star outfielder Joc Pederson started the accusation of recruiting Judge by uploading a picture of Judge wearing a Giants uniform to Instagram. Following this, pitcher Logan Webb and veteran Brandon Crawford reposted Judge\’s altered images on their Twitter accounts. Different MLB fans responded to the San Francisco Giants players\’ recruitment efforts on Twitter. While some people found it amusing, Giants supporters remained confident that they could catch the biggest fish in The Bay.

Meanwhile, now the MLB fans are making fun of Giants\’ borderline-desperate attempts to hire Judge. The fans think that after everything th Giants have done to sign Judge, it will be pretty embarrassing for them if Judge goes anywhere else now. 


New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants are leading the contest for signing Aaron Judge from free agency. In this case, both teams have certain advantages over the other. This implies that money, the great equalizer, may be the deciding factor in the end. According to rumors, both teams will give Aaron Judge whatever sum of money he wants. Because of this, New York Yankees supporters are worried that their team won\’t be able to compete in a war.

In the past, the New York Yankees have not been in a situation like this. For many years, the Yankees were known for exceeding the star player asking prices of every other MLB team. The Yankees are no longer prepared to spend so much more than everyone else, though, since circumstances have changed. As a result, a lot of supporters believe that Yankees will lose Judge in the event of a bidding war.

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