Aaron Hicks

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Fans Mocking Aaron Hicks For His Tantrums, Questioning Yankees’ Lineup Decisions

New York Yankees fans question Aaron Hicks’ inclusion in the starting lineup after the latter whines about lack of game time.

Aaron Hicks, the New York Yankees’ most sought-after left fielder, lost a place in the starting lineup on the opening day. The choice to start Oswaldo Cabrera over Hicks was understandable, owing to his recent spring performance. However, the veteran outfielder did not take it well and went out to publically issue a statement against it.


Meanwhile, the Yankees skipper took note of it and revealed that Aaron Hicks came to him to complain about his lack of game time. Aaron Boone said Hicks is still very much involved in the Bombers’ game plan for the future and will get his chance when it’s due. The due came in last night when Hicks started against the Philadelphia Phillies. However, the outfielder faced immense criticism.

Yankees Fans Call Out Front Office For Succumbing To Hicks’ Pressure

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) Credits: The Athletic

Aaron Hicks, arguably the most hated person amongst the New York Yankees fan base, raised his voice against his recent opening-day snub. He expressed his frustration and said he had been kept in the dark about his future role within the team. The outfielder put forth his desire to start as many games as he could for the Yankees and not come off the bench to face the closers. Further, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, said he addressed Hicks’ concerns and assured him of his place in the lineup.

Subsequently, Aaron Hicks received the chance to feature in the starting lineup against the Phillies on Tuesday. However, all of the outfielder’s promising words went to dust as he finished the game with 0-for-4. Naturally, the infamous Yankee fan base did not let it slide and attacked the Yankees front office for immorally backing the underperformer. After booing him in the field, fans took to Twitter and called the outfielder an undeserving player eating a place of a much-deserved Oswaldo Cabrera. Overall, as the season progresses, it remains to be seen whether Hicks will be able to turn his performance around and justify his demands for more playing time.

Aaron Hicks Booed In His First Start, Captain Comes To The Rescue

Meanwhile, the infamous booing saga from the New York Yankees fan base continued. This time, outfielder Aaron Hicks came under the radar. Hicks started for the first time this season and received a loud welcome filled with boos during the lineup announcement. Moreover, Hicks did little to silence his critics as he went down scoreless, and the boos just intensified.

On the other hand, as the outfielder made his way to the dugout after an embarrassing strikeout, the crowd erupted again with the loudest boos. However, the captain, Aaron Judge, stepped up and approached Aaron Hicks. He patted his back and consoled him for the rough night. Regardless, for now, Yankees fans question whether Hicks is truly the answer to their left-field woes or just another overpaid player who can’t deliver when it matters most.