Indeed, the Mercedes W14 stands for hope! It is all that the team has at present. The 2023 car will be responsible for bringing back Lewis Hamilton’s legacy, for proving that Red Bull’s domination is not yet started because Mercedes is not dead yet. The W14 car is being built in the Brackley-based Mercedes factory with a new concept and a lot of experiences they got in the 2022 disastrous season.

Fans are once again filled with enthusiasm as Mercedes has teased the images of the 2023 F1 car. However, the full W14 will be unveiled on the February 15 next month. But right now, you can see the engineers preparing the machine. You can see the following images that Mercedes has released. These images simply suggest the very hard work the Silver Arrows they are doing to fulfill the promise to provide a better car to the seven-time world champion.


Meanwhile, what the car will look like is not very much hidden. Toto Wolff has already revealed the design of W14. When the boss visited the factory and saw the new one, he was confused that is it was even the new car or the same W13. Because the outer looks of both the predecessor and successor of Mercedes look exactly the same. However, underneath, they are completely different. Wolff has revealed that the new will have a changed DNA.

The 2023 Mercedes Car Will Have A Changed Concept

Now one must be aware of what DNA means, it is the deoxyribonucleic acid present in all the humans and creatures present on this planet. And everyone has a different DNA. Only the DNA of one’s parents matches, so the DNA of W14 is different from W13, as Toto said. Just know that the new one will even have a different parent. No connections with W13 at all will be found in the new car.

Mercedes W14 Concept

About the concept of the new Mercedes car, Wolff has revealed that the car will incorporate floor changes as it is mandatory in the new technical regulations. And as the 2022 Silverstone had one of the worst crashes of Formula One with Zhou Guanyu, FIA has announced another set of rules. This will help the teams find relief in the porpoising issues. Mercedes will also get the advantage as W13 was giving porpoising issues initially in the season. This issue persisted till the team brought their final upgrade.

Ahead of the united states Grand Prix, the team brought the rear wings and aerodynamics updates which paved the way for a spectacular one-two finish in Brazil. 2022 was the first season in which Lewis Hamilton did not win a single. He got defeated by his teammate George Russell (for the third time in his career). Previously Nico Rosberg defeated Hamilton but was soon got replaced by Valtteri Bottas. Let’s see what happens in 2023 with the brand-new Mercedes car. Will Hamilton break his own record of 7 wins, or will Russell create history? It will indeed be an exciting year.

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