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F1 Pundit Fears George Russell Is Losing His Competitive Edge Over Lewis Hamilton

F1 Drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are doing the best they can to help Mercedes get a win with W14. Last year, the team managed only one victory, and that came with the 25-year-old driver steering the car. The veteran 38-year-old driver remained winless the previous year. It was Hamilton’s first year in his career when he did not win a single race.

Mercedes had only a single one-two finish last year that came in the Brazilian Grand Prix. That is because the car has been a major setback for the team and the drivers. They have lost their grip on the title since last year. Despite that, George Russell looked more comfortable with the Mercedes car after the introduction of the cost cap regulations. In his debut season for the Silver Arrows, Russell was able to beat Lewis Hamilton. However, in 2023, the seven-time champion performed better than the young Mercedes driver so far. So the question


Lewis Hamilton Is In A Better Place Than His Teammate This Year, Feels Windsor

Lewis Hamilton George Russell
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Source: Eurosport

Recently, F1 Journalist Peter Windsor pointed out how George Russell does not look like the same driver who debuted for Mercedes last season. Last year, Russell had put so much pressure on Hamilton as he went on to beat him. But in 2023, he has finished ahead of Hamilton only on three occasions after twelve races before the summer break. In a YouTube stream, Peter Windsor mentioned that George Russell was in a mess and trouble after Les Combes.

Since then, Mercedes had only one driver trying to get a podium, and that is Lewis Hamilton. Winsor wonders why Russell has not managed to trouble his teammate like last year. As a result, Hamilton had it easier to find more confidence. Moreover, the F1 pundit believes Mercedes is finding itself in more trouble since McLaren is doing so well using their power units. For the remaining ten races, Mercedes must fight for second place. They have to beat Ferrari, Aston Martin, and now new challenger McLaren. 

Team Mercedes’ Trouble With Car Continues

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 Source: Sky Sports

Last year, W13 had a lot of porpoising issues, causing a lot of bouncing and troubling the drivers. But in the current season, W14 was not good enough either to help Mercedes get back its grip on the title. On the other hand, time is running out for Lewis Hamilton, as he is 38 this year. It has been a pretty long 15-year but illustrious career indeed. He broke so many records, but most importantly, Hamilton equaled the great Michael Schumacher in terms of championship glories.

However, the seven-time champion is the only driver to win more than 100 races in F1. But Hamilton does not want to stop here as he is looking for the coveted eighth title. The Mercedes star came so close to winning it in 2021 but narrowly missed out on the opportunity. However, he is not willing to give up just yet, as Lewis Hamilton believes he can still race for another five years or so. But without his team able to provide a championship-winning car, it will make things more difficult for Hamilton.