Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NJ.com

Clearly, the New York Yankees did not have a great season in 2023 at all. In fact, they had the worst MLB season in the last thirty years. Under Aaron Boone, the Bronx Bombers have failed to live up to the expectations since he came in 2018. However, the NY franchise made the postseason every time since 2018 until this year. They are experiencing the offseason a bit too early in 2023. Hence, the fans are not happy with the management and the manager, Aaron Boone.

But the 16th Captain of the Yankee’s history, Aaron Judge, wants Boone to continue. In fact, many players on the roster want Boone to stay put. Hence, now, the only thing the front office can do is figure out how to strengthen their roster. Albeit, the Bronx Bombers led MLB with a bullpen of 3.34 ERA. Despite the already great bullpen, the Yankees want to make it even more devastating. As per Yahoo Japan, the Yankees have shown interest in the Japanese closer Yuki Matsui.


How Valuable Yuki Matsui Can Be For The Yankees?

Yuki Matsui
Yuki Matsui Source: Pinstripes Nation

However, it is too soon to confirm about Matsui and the Yankees signing a contract. The elite free agent might even return to Japan. Moreover, there is no guarantee that any MLB team can actually end up signing the Japanese closer. However, there is a lot of demand for the closer from teams like the Boston Red Sox, the San Diego Padres, and the Chicago Cubs, among nine teams planning to scout Matsui. Yuki Matsui can be an instant success with the Yankees if the NY franchise can get him in the offseason. Moreover, the 27-year-old closer played for the Rakuten Golden Eagles in ten seasons.

With ten years of professional experience in the Nippon Professional Baseball League, Yuki has a career 2.43 ERA in 517 games. The Japanese closer also recorded 236 saves in his career. Hence, Yuki Matsui is an intriguing proposition for the Yankees. Albeit, it is far too early to say that the Yankees have a chance to land him. But Yuki Matsui is definitely a talent to watch out for. In 2023, he impressed everybody with a 1.57 ERA in 59 games and also recorded 39 saves. He has finished with an ERA of more than 2.00 only once in the last five seasons. Moreover, Yuki will soon be an international free agent.

Bronx Bombers Had A Great Bullpen Despite Only Winning 82 Games

Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge
Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge Source: Bleacher Report

Moreover, the Yankees know their main concern lies in the innumerable injury issues they face every year. On top of that, in 2023, the injuries to key players really cost them the season. Hence, they will jump on any opportunity to get what they want. The Yankees will be eager to bounce back next season. Moreover, the failure in the current season does not prove that the NY franchise did not have a great roster.

In fact, they had one of the brightest rosters in the league. But still, they ended up winning a humiliating 82 games only. However, the Yankees bullpen led the league in terms of ERA, mainly because of the success of Michael King, Clay Holmes, and Ian Hamilton among the talented players in the bullpen.