Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: FirstSportz

Red Bull star Max Verstappen has once again done the unachievable and become a three-time world champion. He joined the elite group that includes F1 greats Ayrton Senna and Jackie Stewart, to name a few. Moreover, the Dutchman has broken many records since his debut in F1. First of all, he is the youngest driver to begin his racing career in Formula 1. He was only 17 years of age when he started racing in F1. Instantly, the hunger to win races was noticeable in the young Dutchman. Moreover, he pushed his teammates to their limits to keep up with him. Gradually, it became incredibly difficult to keep up with Max Verstappen. Since then, Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, and Alex Albon moved from Red Bull to other teams.

Like these drivers once were, Sergio Perez is currently under tremendous pressure. As Checo won two races at the beginning of the season, Max Verstappen went on to win ten races in a row. Currently, he has won 14 races this season. The Dutchman can break his own record this year of 15 wins in the previous season. He has been relentless in the last few years. There is a reason why he has won three titles back to back. He has won 39 races since 2021 so far. There are still five more races to go in the current season. Moreover, the collaboration between Verstappen and Red Bull has been highly successful. But what if Max suddenly decides to move to Ferrari?


Max Talks About A Possible Future With Ferrari

Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2004
Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2004 Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the last three years, their collaboration has blossomed into the supreme power in the F1 Motorsport. Max Verstappen may not think about leaving the Austrian team ever. Lewis Hamilton can’t imagine leaving Mercedes after everything they have been through. However, like Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari might also have an interest in signing Verstappen in the foreseeable future. Recently, Max Verstappen spoke with Sportweek about the greatness of Ferrari. The current triple-time champion feels Ferrari is among the most globally recognized brands. Moreover, the Dutchman said that the team has an incredible history in F1 and is a great team to compete against. He also spoke with the Gazzetta dello Sport’s weekly magazine regarding the idea of his future with Ferrari.

Max Verstappen mentioned that he still has six more years remaining in his contract with Red Bull. Perhaps he might think about a future with Scuderia Ferrari after his Red Bull contract expires. Max feels he can still do well after he turns 31. However, what fascinates Max more about Ferrari is the 2004 Michael Schumacher car. For his personal collection, Verstappen wants to keep his three championship single-seaters and the F2004 of the great Michael Schumacher. Moreover, the Dutchman thinks that it is a fantastic car. Adding to that, Max Verstappen mentioned he wishes John Elkann had read this interview and called him about F2004.

Why Would Max Verstappen Think About Leaving Red Bull?

Max Verstappen Helmut Marko Red Bull
Max Verstappen Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

What if Verstappen follows the footsteps of the former Red Bull champion Sebastian Vettel? But at present, it is highly unlikely that Ferrari and Max Verstappen would join hands. Moreover, Max is so happy at Red Bull. But lately, there is a rumor that Christian Horner might want to oust Helmut Marko. However, Ralf Schumacher told Sky Deutschland that Horner should think twice before exerting his power on Helmut Marko.

It is mainly because Max Verstappen might not tolerate the ousting of Helmut Marko. Hence, the question arises if Verstappen has the last say in the Austrian F1 team’s power play. Moreover, if Marko is out, then Verstappen might want to leave Red Bull. Who knows? After all, Marko was the biggest influencer behind the Red Bull’s Signing of Max Verstappen.